Monday, November 19, 2012

Rani Collar Piece Photographs for Sihaya Design Jewelry

I have finished my Self-Portrait Photographs modeling jewelry for Sihaya Designs JewelryIt has been wonderful working with Christina Allen Page, the designer and artist behind Sihaya Designs.  Her work is not only gorgeous and so unique, but it is also so well made and comfortable to wear.  I can easily wear her pieces all day, all week long.  She is a photographers dream as well.  Her instructions for this set of photographs were a "White Witch/Jadis from Narnia/Pale and a bit Spooky" look in my own style.  How cool is that?  Christina, I look forward to working with you again!  Many Thanks!
The Rani Collar Piece features a gorgeous, teardrop shaped Cobalt Labradorite stone, silver scroll work, and a silver chain with labradorite beads.
We did some Sepia photographs too to capture the scroll work of the necklace.
Wishing you all the Best!


Rachel said...

Very cool!

I love the collar, it's so striking.

Merle said...

Thank you Rachel~She has many other collar's that you have to check out as well!