Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here I go again

I am finished with my paintings and photographs for the new shows and with just over a week to go am just now getting to 2 of the new dolls. Yikers! I just got their wings done and their bodies attached to the cages today. Their hands are drying now. Now I need to get to work on their bodies and gowns. More photos of my progress soon hopefully! I have fancy updo's and headpieces planned for these ladies as well. These girls are for a spooky Edgar Allan Poe/Emily Dickinson/Halloween inspired show. I have really let my house go as far as putting stuff away and cleaning to get all of this done which is just yuk!

Friday, September 19, 2008

El Dia de Los Muertos-The Day of the Dead

El Dia de los Muertos(The Day of the Dead) is coming up(November 2nd). I am doing a show for it once again which I always love to do. This is a day celebrated in Mexico to honour your deceased loved ones and filled with flowers, food, dancing and fun rather than the gore of Halloween here. It is a day when the living and the dead can play together which I find really inspiring. In the past I have made altars to my deceased pets, my grandmothers, and my grandfathers. This year I have only made a tiny shrine to end of my marriage which happened at the end of 2007 and hurt like a death. I am instead doing a show of Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickison inspirted art this year to add with my little shrine. Here are some photos of the past and present works.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Book is finally done!


I belong to a flickr photo group called the Female Self Portrait Artists Support Group. Our first book is finally available on blurb and hopefully you can click on the the link to check it out. I can't believe it is finally done! We each have a page and I can't believe that my page is actually in there!

I also have a new digital camera- a Pentax similar to my old film ones that I need to stop being afraid of and start working with. This is all new stuff for me. I love, love, love photography. Sometimes I wish I could narrow down what art I do, but I just can't. So, I will just have to live in a house and studio that has a mess of different projects going on.

This is what comes from growing up in the country and having to learn how to make everything you want yourself. It's all my Mom and Dad's fault! Now off to frame some new paintings and get new dolls started. I also just finished up some jewelry commissions for a bride's headpiece-I love working on these too and especially when it makes someone so happy.

All the stuff I do, the way my house looks and I am kind of crazy-it all makes sense to me somehow though!


I have been making crowns for one of my shows in October. They go on top of my photographic shadow boxes. I love colour, glass glitter, doo dahs, and sparkly things so this was a good project. They all include poems by Emily Dickinson too. Next I need to make some for people to actually wear!

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Dooh Dahs

I am finally getting some art done for my shows in October. I still have more to do, but I thought I would show what I have been up to. My house is a mess of projects but that is a good thing right? Here are a few new paintings including "Gothic Lady with Cat and Raven", "Gothic Snow White in Moss Green", "Gothic Snow White in Turquoise", and "Lenore". I am so lucky-I just got new gouache and watercolours-Love!