Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet One of My Favourite Models

I am trying to get back to Blog-Land. i am also fiddling around with a new look on my blog-will see how things end up.  Here are a few of my photograhs that show one of my favourite models-my younger sister-The gorgeous, blonde haired and blue-eyed Fox!  I love taking photographs of her.  I just cannot take a bad photograph of her.  And, since she is my sister, I don't feel so bad being the bossy photographer that I am! I hope all is well with all of You!  I have missed you!

My timeless Beauty Fox in "Tall Grasses"
Her features are out of control!  Look at those cheekbones! Here hands are just divine.  And, no, I did not get these genes.
"Roses and Gold"
Disgusting! I simply messed up her hair with some mouse, brushed some gold glitter over her face, applied some lip gloss, popped a few roses in her hair and took this photograph in my backyard.  Yeah, if she wasn't so sweet and funny, I would have a huge problem with  her!
"Tall Grasses Part II"
I love how she has such a timeless look-she can be many different characters for my photographs and loves to play along with my crazy ideas.
I think this is the only photograph of me(I don't know who took this!) "behind the scenes".  Don't be blinded by my fancy photography set-up and equipment-hehe.  I have always been a "Camera and make it up as you go..." kind of girl.