Saturday, January 21, 2012

Transformations in the New Year

Again, it has been a long time since I have done any posting.  So, I will add some new images of recent self-portrait photographs. I have done a few new series exploring transformations.  Not just with hair and makeup, but with how I show my emotions. It is amazing how much a small change in an emotion caught on film(well, digital disk these days) can effect the whole feeling of a photograph.  This is so intriquing to me-yes, I should have thought of this a long time ago!  I think more and more about this as I take these photographs and folks don't think any of them are self-portraits.  I am more aware of how I perceive people and am perceived myself as I walk around every day too.  More on that later! I am wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!
"Albina" merle, 2011 december
"The Girl with Flames for Hair" merle, 2011 december
"Light and Love" merle, 2011 december
"Gold and Amber" merle 2011 december
Bye for now!