Monday, June 23, 2008

Pretty Fae friend!

I gave a very fae friend of mine a beaded headpiece for her birthday and she sent me these gorgeous photos wearing it that I had to share! She looks like a Goddess for sure. I think the days would be easier if we all could wear sparkly headpieces and going out at night would be much more magical! Thanks Grace!

Friday, June 13, 2008


One of my first art loves was photography and when I was at University we were still using dark rooms, developing our own film and printing our own photographs. Learning digital stuff has been hard for me! Lately, I have been wanting to get back to my photograhs though. They were all about creating a story of somekind and I loved searching thrift stores for vintage clothes and props. Here are some of my photographs all taken with a manual 1969 Pentax camera my dad gave me and printed the old fashioned way(most by me). I realize that I don't really miss the chemicals so much, but I want to take new photos! All of my old "models"(willing friends) are too grown up now for this so I have to do self portraits which is ok but not as much fun. I am wondering why I didn't grow up too though. More next time!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Le Fresne's Castle with Rowan DeVoe: My Studio

Le Fresne's Castle with Rowan DeVoe: My Studio

My Studio

After reading Audrey Ecletic's blog about studio spaces I wanted to post a few photos of my studio. It is really a mess! I think that part of the problem is that I like to work with so many different mediums so I don't get bored or burnt out. I live in an old brick building that was built in the 1920s and turned into condos recently. I love it because of all the cool details like arches ,gothic revival trim, great tile in the bathrooms, and hardwood floors. It also faces a gorgeous little courtyard and my little cats love sitting in the big windows watching the other owners come out with their dogs.

You walk into my front door and there is my living room, then bedroom, bath and kitchen. But, if you open what looks like mirrored glass doors to a closet you get a surprise-they open to a small metal stairway which leads to my studio. I am lucky because there is another whole bath down here and I have a little guest bed against one wall. My printing press is in here, all my fabric/sewing stuff, all my beads and jewelry making supplies, and all my doll making supplies plus just random things like stuff to make cards and wrap up my art and years and years worth of prints in a big flat file. The downstairs also has its own door(or I would have never fit all of this stuff in here- I am definitely a MORE IS MORE kind of person-I have to be! Whenever I throw something out, I look for it later!). It is still a work in process-I work on the studio a little and make art a little. I have almost lived here a year which I can't believe though! I have to hang art and relics everywhere which is kind of crazy.

Anyway, here are some photos-the mirrored doors inspired me to give it an Alice in Wonderland, "Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole" and Fairy Tale theme-still working on all that too!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More, more with the Plaques

I am still working on the plaques and some jewelry. The weather here has been scary-lots of severe storms with tornados and flooding just south of me. We are supposed to get more rain this week as well! I am worried, hoping everyone will be ok. Some of the flooding hasn't been this bad for over 100 years! I am not so focused right now. Still working a little on getting my Etsy shop up but feeling kind of blah. So, I am not really feeling very creative and just making "doo-dahs" as I call it. Here are photos of a few of the finished plaques. I need to start making big stuff now and new dolls!