Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Post

"After All These Years, I Am Still Just Me"
(I am a twin but a 'single' as well. Suddenly that is a very deep thought.)

"The Relic On Green Glass Beads"
(Relic and Bead goodness-Bless!)

"And In A Flash It Was Gone"
(Someone asked me if I used a wind machine for this one and I said, 'Oh yes but of course, I carry one with me everywhere I go!' Hehe! Don't you? You know-just in case you want to um
have something windy going on? You can never be too careful! It is a very breezy or not breezy world.)
~just fooling around with phonts~
(the 'Summertime Hair' makes an appearance in which such case I stop trying to comb out my hair.)

"Blessed Black Sheep"
(I think I am supposed to know how to remove that big wrinkle around my mouth or is that just a smile? Ugh, all this stuff has me thinking too much! It's my big 'man hands', 'man neck', and 'man face'! Why can't I be a delicate butterfly like all the other girls?)

"Leave Us Black Sheep Alone!"
(Same with the eye wrinkles-or am I successfully pretending to be ticked off? Freakin Frackin society with fake faces and all that jazz-Poo!)

I have been trying to work on things-have stalled a bit but am trying to get going again. I took a break to work with some of my photographs and practice some editing. Maybe I will figure this out. Maybe not. I so would like to photograph someone else rather than myself that much I do know. The dolls may be in hiding until their big "reveal". I have also been working on some teeny tiny beadwork. Granny needs new glasses(really, new eyeballs)! The weather has been so humid which means my wintertime straight hair is summertime curly hair. I wish it would chose one or the other. The weather keeps changing a lot too which is not good for my eyeballs or migraines so that is why I have to keep keep switching things around. Everything will get finished somehow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Tobias and Stripes for Ren

I went to work down in the studio picking out fabrics for my new dolls to wear and came back up to this sight. Of couse my little cat Tobias would be in the laps of my new dolls. He is so funny. He loves my new dolls-loves to cuddle up with them. I have a Sleepy Beauty Doll in her own bed and he is always trying to snuggle up to her. If I happen to take her out of the bed he leaves the bed alone. The minute she is back in it, so is he. So here is a funny photo!

Also for Ren of Fairy Steps, I had to add a photo of myself wearing a pair of my stripey socks with a pair of my favourite red shoes(I have a thing for red shoes) and one of my favourite dresses(I love the diamonds of blue and purple). Stripes are always a good thing! Check out Ren's amazing shoes that she makes all by herself-Wow!-and all the other magical things in her life at her blog

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes, You Guessed it and Introducing the Talented Ivy of Edera Jewlery

Yes, there are now 3 dolls with bodies. Each one waiting patiently for fancy outfits and wigs-thank you ladies!

Also, I want you to meet my friend Ivy of Edera Jewelry. You can find Ivy's blog site HERE.
And her Etsy site HERE.

Ivy's "Tudor Rose" Bracelet-One of my favourites!

Ivy's work is just divine-the detail is amazing. She combines lace making with weaving in fancy beads and semi precious gemstones. Each piece is one of a kind and they will blow your mind so check them out! What also makes them so special is that there is a story behind each piece-an inspiration in the form of a person or era or colour which I love. Plus, Ivy is a real sweetheart!

Ivy's "Dauphine" necklace inspired by Marie Antionette-LOVE!

Talent and patience runs in her family as her mother also is an amazing artist. She also have an Etsy shop where she sells her completely handmade silk flowers-each one hand dyed and handmade-each one unique and so lovely. She also makes gorgeous hats(I love the velvet ones!). Look for Stella Pesci's Esty site Here
Stella also is a pastry chef to name just one of the many other talents she is capable of. Pretty cool!

Stella's Gorgeous Banner

One of Stells divine flowers-this one is a gorgeous Poppy-Yes, I need this too! It reminds me of the gorgeous fields of Poppies in Olympia, Greece.

Yay for Ivy and Stella!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

And Now There Are Two

Now there is a second doll with her batting body. Whew-why this takes me so long, I will never know. I am sure that there are many easier ways to do this, but I really can't stand to follow directions or take classes. I have always been a "figure it out on my own with no one watching" kind of person. Even in grade school, I would have to take all my art projects home and do them. I couldn't work in front of other kids. I think that is kind of crazy but what can you do? I still can't really do art in front of anyone. Anyway, I think both dolls like each other and that they are good friends so they are having some fun hanging out just like this-hehe!

And, here are some photos of my wee cat children. Pascal now has 2 white whiskers! What a big whoo! And, my little daughter cat Sister Blackberry Bijou is looking just radiant here. She is the big boss of her 3 brother cats. She is also my secretary as she is always answering the phone for me and sitting in my computer chair. We are often trying to shove each other out of that chair. She is the boss so I really need to give up the chair. She also has her own "flat" under my flat file-no boys or moms allowed. I am really interested to see how she has it decorated though. Probably the opposite of how I decorate-classic mothe
r/daughter struggle. Good stuff! Don't worry-if it sounds like I am a crazy cat lady you are right-I am one!

Pascal with his 2 white whiskers-so very handsome!

Sis with our headless Saint Francis-what a little bossy beauty she is!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sitting Pretty-New Dolls

My new dolls are getting their "bodies". Here is one of them just chilling out in my favourite aqua blue turquoise chair(an antique/thrifty find of course with one of my favourite pillows-plum velvet and beads-good stuff!). So many folks have said that my art and dolls look like me-really? Anyway, I think this little lady would like to have her clothes and wig soon! I am so slow though-I am getting there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Setsi's Gold Head and Dr. Simone Monroe's Journals

This is how my nephew's gold head turned out. I tried to make it look all "ancient and mysterious", added the journal pages from "Dr. Simone Merle Monroe" dated back to 1909, and presented it wrapped in layers of gauze and ancient looking fabrics a friend sent me from India. My nephews both liked the head and the hidden journal pages(and my dad and father in law-well, sister's father in law were both very intrigued and kept asking me so many questions like the whole thing was real-hee! My dad now wants to 'find' Dr. Simone's missing journal-guess what I am making him for his birthday.).

Anway, I haven't worked with clay that I had to build, sculpt, cut, scoop out, put back together and fire in a kiln since college! Whoah-so very out of practice. I am in awe of all of you folks who work in so many mediums on a daily basis. And yes, I know my head is big and "wonky" looking-I modeled it from my own head so you know something weird was going to happen(even though I happen to have a child sized head!).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yay! Etsy Treasury Time!

I was so happy to receive an email to check a new Etsy Treasury made by Jewelry Infusions (
that included one of my paintings. She is sitting pretty with so many other lovely pieces so check them out

Monday, July 6, 2009

More Photographs While I Can

"While I Can" means who knows when I will feel like doing photographs. I am feeling like it a little now so I am taking some photos now. I am lucky to have so many great accessories including a gorgeous Faerie Crown and Faerie Portal necklace by Lorianne of Plumevine Jewelry in the last photos and the lovely vintage lace cuffs and brooch(worn as a necklace) made by Penny of Salvage Sparrow. Both talented ladies have shops on Etsy! I am also joined by one of my little Faerie Dolls in the photo 3rd from the bottom.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Photographs Finally

I finally had to throw myself and my camera out the door and take some new Self Portraits. Now, I need to do some more and some portraits of other folks. Why is starting always so hard for me? I mean-Every single time and every little thing hard? I guess it is my "process" or "style". I sure haven't been able to change it, no matter how hard, in about the last 20 years so I guess I will be living like this. So, here are some photographs from my "Enchantment" Series. My gorgeous Crown was made by Lorianne of Plumevine Jewelry and she made my Faerie Portal Necklace as well. I am also wearing a gorgeous "Phoenix from the Flames" cuff made by Firuzan Goker who lives in Turkey. And, I am wearing one of my favourite vintage pieces-an amazing gold and paisley print dress from the 1930s. Oh, and the little Faerie doll with me is one my own. This is the "Robin's Egg Blue" Faerie.