Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Been Forever-Photographs I Have Been Working On-Swan Dancers!

"Swan Brothers"
I took several photographs of my two nephews as the male Swan Dancers from the all male version of Swan Lake.  They like this version of the Ballet very much-the dances, the costumes and the magic of it all.  Then, they put their own twist on it by wanting me to paint their faces and their arms-well, everywhere.  They wanted to look like my paintings with Tribal body and face painting.  The 4 year old(teeny tiny Swan) had to be dragged away or he would have never stopped with my face paints.  This may be my favourite photograph from the shoot.  This is a pose that the "big Swan Dancers" do in the Ballet.  My boys did such a good job!
What they were making me try to live up to!
Their version became very "Wild Child Lost in a Forest" too as they can't take a photograph without a stick looking like they are going to use it as a weapon of course.  They also wanted to look "like an ancient tribe of Swan Boys" so there is a little of this and a little of that.
Magic Acorn from Delila of Robin and Sage!
Hee!  They crack me up because they are so good!  We watched the Ballet a few times and they still want to watch it more.  People have asked me 1)Where is this amazing place I took the photos and 2)How do I work with kids and "get them" to do these things in photographs.  Well, this is just their back yard with the sun setting and, I didn't make them do anything.  They thought of all the poses themselves.  I just had to keep reigning them in or they would have flown away.  They had way better ideas for photographs then I could have thought of so I let them do their own thing!
And, it was the oldest's Swan's Birthday last week and when I asked him what he wanted he said, "Duh!  I want a Swan Photo!".  So, I gave him the one of him "flying".  Everyone in our family got Swan photographs-that's all I have to give!