Sunday, May 20, 2007

My little cats

I wanted to introduce my little cats. they are fantastic people! i grew up in the countryside with all kinds of animals and love them all dearly. i have 4 cats now. i found them all as orphans in my little village as kittens. they are each so very uniuqe and funny. love them! my eldest is Pascal Pace Pascal Jean Paul Jean Paul who just turned 6. next is Tobias Greenmoss who is 5. then there's our little girl cat Sister Blackberry Bijou who is 3 and finally our baby Glastonbury Suki Ribina who is 2. here are a few photos of my little lovies. and yes, i am a crazy cat lady.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shiny Sparkly Things

I love making magical objects of art. as one friend put it, " you like making art in a box!". she is right! i love german glass glitter, tulle, ribbon, photographs new and old, paintings, found images, textiles and shadowboxes. i need to make these little reminders to keep my faith in the good and magic we can't see-like in fae folk and others unseen who help us daily. here are a few of the sparkly, little shadowboxes i have made for a local art fair this weekend. my little cats have helped!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My new window

Here are some photos of the new window I have done for a great boutique down the street from my house called "The Girly Chic Boutique" in my little village of Broad Ripple. I did some of the interior design for the store with art, paint finishes, and stenciling. i love to work with paint, fabric, photos, antiques, and found objects to create a unique environment. the owners of the shop are great girls and let me create the window display for last Valentine's Day. since then they let me change it out every couple of months which i love doing. here is the early summer window which is themed in blue and white, silk hydrangeas, ribbon, vintage lace, photos of my mom at various ages, and of course 2 cute outfits from the shop. makes me want to dress up and have a tea party!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My first post!

This is my first post! i am hoping to inspire and be inspired by sharing my art, stories, dreams and ideas. I am a very visual person so I mostly share with my paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. I love tea parties, glitter, magic and telling/listening to stories. And I love, love to laugh. I laugh as much as I can and at mostly little things. I can get really down, but little things make me so happy so it all comes with the package. I am including one of my large size monotype prints(about 4x5 feet shadowbox) called "The Twin Saviors" which incorporates many of the things I love- friends, family, faith, magic, history, mystery, costumes and theatre.