Saturday, June 26, 2010

Photographic Inspiration:Pre-Raphaelite, Botticelli and Others

So, for now I am working on dolls(the same ones still!) and taking more self portrait photographs.  I still feel the need to tell a story and keep being inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and recently by Botticelli's "Primavera"
Sometimes, I feel really stupid taking these photos of myself, but I can tell when I am ready to take more when I start to go back and edit one set over and over again.  I get all antsy for new photographs and I never know when that will strike so it is just easier if I take them of myself-especially since recently my old enemy insomnia has come back to visit me.  Anyway, finally have to set up everything, figure out a scene and costumes and just do it.
 They are by no means masterpieces but they are something to me-Something I feel I must keep doing(Probably something people would like to see less of but what can you do).
The ones above were inspired by a gorgeous bouquet of green and white flowers that I made into a headpiece.  This was good because the flowers were on their way out so I had to make myself get going and do the photos.
 You have seen one from this set before when I did my Divine Diptych of an "Allegorical Painting" and chose Botticelli's "Primavera.  I went on to take a few more(It took me forever to get this outfit together and all that so why not?).
 A lot of silly stuff went into getting these photographs together, but I'm not telling!  I finally finished a new set that I will share later.  And, I am really excited about 2 new vintage dresses I found for super cheap prices that will work for so many ideas.  I also have a grand project I am working with 2 amazing models.  I will give you one hint: it involves lots of white feathers!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Old Photographs

"Ghost of Me"
"Looking Forward to the Ancestors"
"For Dear Rosebud"
I have always been so in awe of the photographer Julie Margaret Cameron.  How she learned to take photographs later in her life and so following her own vision and her heart though she often got so much criticizm.  She purposely made them blurry, dressed people up like characters from Authurian Legends, Shakespeare's Plays and Mythology.  Many at the time thought this was just "silly". 
Alice in Wonderland Grows Up
One of many of Julia Margaret Cameron's Photographs
 But for me, this is magic.  I have always been the most interested in taking portraits of people-everyone has their thing.  I had to try taking landscapes and other photographs in college and they were horrible and I knew they would be because I just didn't love them.  I warned my Professors that they would be horrible and expected my grade on these pieces to reflect this and they did and my Professors laughed with me.  I didn't care and they didn't really care.  The main thing that was important they said is that I had figured out what my passion was and my style.  So, if I don't have a person, I will take a photograph of myself because I can do whatever I want and I don't have to explain myself to anyone.  Some folks may find these photographs "silly", but hopefully I will stay strong like Julia Margaret and just do my thing and not worry where they end up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Diptych-Week 11

Our Week 11 Diptych with Me on the Left and Susan 
on the right.
For Week 11 of the The Divine Diptych Project
Susan and I had the theme of "Allegory".  We both chose visual Allergories.  She chose to do her own photographic version of the Tragedy/Comedy Masks that were first used by the ancient Greeks in their plays where they wore masks to mimic life at their time.  These masks now symbolize Theatre all over the world.
I chose an Allegorical Painting done by Sandro Botticelli: his classic "Primavera" which depicts many Roman God and Goddess representative of spring.  Overtime, this painting has become a symbol of springtime.  I tried to turn myself into my version of his "Venus" pictured above. Whew!
Please visit the Divine Diptych Blog for more Diptychs!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things That I am Thinking About Now

That my sweet Little Mo 1 is has grown up to be a gorgeous and smart LADY!  Here she is modeling on the catwalk which kind of freaks me out because I don't see a trace of little girl-I see amazing woman(in a wicked cool gown made out of car seat belts!).  Wow! where did the time go? She was a wee baby yesterday.  She is such a stunner and so clever and funny!  We always said "YES!" to black lipstick even when we disagreed about everything else so it just too ironic that she is wearing it for this show.
A newly painted portrait of me by DJ Berger of Red-Handed Blogspot
(yes, I shamelessly just stole this image-I can't help it!  He makes me look like how I feel and how I wished I looked!  It's a very deep thing-hard to explain...He does have the family pout down perfectly too.)
I recently got the go ahead from one the Galleries where I work to curate a new art show that I have had on my mind about "New Pre-Raphaelites".  More details soon!  So excited!
New Dolls that are FINALLY getting done! New paintings are finally getting done as well.  And, a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks who have been so patient with me through this new illness and are waiting extra long for the commissioned pieces they have requested from me.  This HUGE as I figure out how all of this is going to work out.  I think that I will figure out how to do my art and work and deal with "the sick".  I'm not there yet, but like with most new things, it takes some time.
New and Amazing Jewelry from Jen of Parrish Relics Jewelry(  She made Rapunzel(left) for my dear sister/friend Gretchie and Snow white(right) for me.  Both are illustrations by my favourite Children's Book illustrator Trina Schuart Hymen who passed away just a few years ago(she was so close to me when I lived in New England! I am so stupid for not just knocking on her door!).  All her books are magic for me.  Having a piece with her Snow White is more magic thanks to Jen.  Watch this space for more magic!
An AMAZING AND SURPRISE gift of flowers showed up from dear sisters that have really made my week, month, year.  Their abundance of Unconditional Love and support is beyond words.  I am so grateful.  I love this movie as well(who doesn't? this is where I got yet another nickname at University-"Wild Irish Rose"-hehe...and yes, I did have to fall down drunk a few too many times into a trash can or wherever and then yell, 'I'm alright!, I'm alright!'  I find that so funny now.)
Turning those Flowers into head wreath and taking a new series of self portrait photographs to say "thank you" to these dear sisters was a gift to them and to myself.  For a few hours I was lost in a magical land and long past era or painting.  Pay it forward!