Monday, July 11, 2011

How We Got Through The Summer Heat-In Images

"Ophelia" Monotype done by my Printmaking Prof and friend Barbara Elam
(it is pretty cool to see how other artists see you)
Lucky days spent exploring the watery caves off of Lindos, Rhodos, Greece.  This surely was a dream I had.

Hanging out down at our creek-Fishback Creek-with my sisters and boy cousins.  We spent endless hours down here swiming, creek hiking, making up games and more.  We were always covered in mud so we wouldn't get bitten by horseflies too!
Dancing with Pixies in the Shady Woods
Having THE BEST time ever living in a little house we made at the lake where our best friend lived.  Ah, that little house was THE BEST! The 3 of us are still sisters.
Having a Mom who grew up fishing and taking creek hikes as a little girl!  My mom is the little girl with braids in the center with the big smile and hat. My grandfather is the man in the way back wearing a hat and with a pipe!
Spending a lot of your freetime in boats!
Doing some art inside
Going someplace COOL if you can
Trying to remember that some(like my 4 little cats here on this super warm sun porch) like it hot!