Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Little Thief

My little cat Pascal had taken all of my newly filled vials of Pixie dust and hidden them away.  I was going mad trying to find them!
They were all filled and sealed and ready to be beaded and made into necklaces.
Here is a bunch of them, but they need more beads and doo-dahs on them to be complete.
I want each one to look like this one with the beads and then little other beads will hang down like the white iridescent owl bead too.
I have also made some new ones that I filled with pixie dust and dried flowers and feathers. I want to try and think of something special to do with these, but they were missing as well.
Finally!  I found them!  Here is Pascal trying to sneak them away again-No!  He had taken each one in his mouth and hid it under his favourite book shelf that he used to hide under when he was a little feral kitten.  Now that he is such a big cat, only his head fits, but he sure can sneak stuff under there.  This photo cracks me up!
Just as I was finishing taking these photos I noticed someone tugging at the strings on the beaded Pixie Dust Vials and trying to run away with them.  I thought it was Pascal, but it was his baby brother Glastonbury!  No!  You all have toys to play with.  Leave my stuff alone! This is just too cute!  It is also driving me crazy...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few Little Things

Sonja Cross

Back in Whitby

Dark Pool

Little Sister


Thoughts back to my England

I am trying to get going again where I left off with my art before I got really sick at the beginning of December.  A lot of if still is making me tired so I am practicing some digital photography tom-fooler-ly.  Whew!  I don't know what I am doing!  Here are a few examples.  I have also done a few little watercolours, have become work again on dolls that had been set aside and are in various stages and(this is just plain crazy) am still trying to mail out Holiday packages!  I got 2 packages nearly ready to go tonight!  Up next will be birthday packages and trades with other amazing artists who have been too kind and have waited far too long.  I am getting there!  I am very disappointed with my 4 little cats.  I have asked for their help but they just jump in the boxes and take naps.  I shouldn't be so mean.  I am sure this is "help" in their language so bless these little people.  Hope all is well with all you folks in blogland!

Pascal is in the center soaking up the sun!  It is the perfect spot for a nap. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have been trying to get back to my projects.  I have been finding it very disappointing though.  It seems that everything is taking me at least twice as long if not longer and I am constantly interrupted.  So, I am trying to figure it all out.  It is almost like everything I do gets undone while I am not looking.  My nephews have been sick and need a 2nd mom to come and take care of them so I will be off to their place for a bit.  I have tried to taking my art with me before, but that turns out to be so silly.

I have been photographing books for the book shop where I do different kinds of work(right now we are working on a  new website).  I wanted to photograph this 2009 published version of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte with a cover done by fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo next to the version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte that my mom gave me to read when I was a teenager.  It had belonged to her mother.  I thought nothing of reading this book over and over.  I took it from place to place as I moved around the country and dog-eared pages, threw it in back packs and on whatever shelf or desk I had at the moment.  I was looking inside it to see when it was published so I could put that date with the photograph thinking it was probably published around 1930 at the latest but probably the 1950s or even 1960s.

(ooh, too cute!)                               

Well, I had a big shock.  This book was published in 1848!  That is one year after Charlotte Bronte died!  Yikers!  I have been so bad to this book!  The Big Hat Books owner freaked when I told her.  I am putting this book away for some archival healing.  Who knew?  My grandparents were older parents and had been through WWI, the Great Depression and WWII.  If they had a book they were holding on to it!  It is a beautiful book.  I am so sorry beautiful book!  I will take better care of you!  

So for now, I will continue to take one step forward and 2 steps back.  We are getting another big dump of snow too.  I hope everyone stays calm.  Wishing you all well.  I made Valentines last year but I don't know if I will get them done for this year.  I am still trying to mail out some Holiday gifts-so bad!  Here is a Valentine for everyone in case I don't get around to them! 

And, my little cats are staying warm.  All 4 are traveling in a pack and sleeping in a big heap of black fur which is really cute-it is a circle where one cat's butt is the others pillow.  They are hibernating big time.  I want to be one of them!
This photo really cracks me up because the belly and feet belong to my oldest cat Pascal and he is resting them on his little sis Sister Blackberry Bijou.  I love how they just push and smush each other-no big whoo!  They drive me crazy!  Pascal-Your Belly!  Sis is not amused!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink Soars During 'Glitter In The Air' Grammy Performance 2010

Here is another video of Pink's performance because the other one was taken down. It isn't as good quality but it is still an amazing performance. And, before anyone freaks, she is wearing a nude bodysuit with strategically placed sparkles as are her fellow flyers. I so wish I could learn how to do this! This is for Miss Katinka Pinks!