Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sparkle, Shine, Roses, A little Mystery

New inspiration for a series of Self-Portrait Photographs

"New Shoes, New Weapons"

"Of Lace and Sparkle"

"Frozen Crown"

"Masked Eye"

"Star Dust"


Monday, February 6, 2012

Transformations-The Selkie

Another post to go with my theme of "Transformations", this one involves transforming myself into the "Selkie" from Irish Myth and Fairy Tales.  I have been wanting to "make" myself into a Selkie for sometime now, but I knew it would be hard work.  This time, I made my features very dark(with lighting and some make-up, very 'old school').  The environment I created was equally dark as well as wet, windy and truly maddening(I ended up not being able to see what I was photographing, I felt like I was in the middle of storm and I created my own 'beach', but NO, I DO NO HAVE A SEAL SKIN or any kind of skin.  The 'seal skin' that is seen in some of the photographs is made by my hands which can also be called magick.).
"Prayers to please let me capture at least one photograph 'cause I can't be seeing anything in this storm I have created and my glasses were lost in the waves of the sea...but they don't help my eye balls so much anyway and I refuse to set all this crazy up again, Thank you"
"My Eye Balls"
The Selkie was a Seal swimming blissfully with her Seal sisters while in the Sea.  But, these Seals would come ashore to dance in the Moonlight where they would they would become human woman and shed their Seal skins. 
"The Selkie"
The Selkie-Woman was coveted for being the most loving and loyal of wives, so men would watch and wait for them to come on land and then steal their skins so they could marry them.  Once married, the men would hide the Selkie's skin and she would forget her Seal sisters and her true origins.  She would go on to have children and to be the most caring wife and mother of legend.  But, she always felt a longing for something when she stared out to the sea. 
"Left Behind"
As the myth tells, the Selkie Woman would eventually find her Seal Skin and then remember her sea home.  The cries of her Seal Sisters would be unbearable to her and then she would be faced with an impossible choice; would she stay with her human and beloved family on land or would she would return to the pull of the sea and her dear sisters where she felt she truly belonged. 
"The Discovery"
For my part, I called this series of photographs "Longing".  But, where is home? Is it a place in our heart? This is what so many stories tell us. 
"Heartless Home"
"Heart Path"
 But, I know that there are definitely physical places that call to me strongly as if my own Seal Sisters were there.  These places make me feel more alive, relaxed and like I can finally breathe. I feel like "me" and I do feel at home. But, this is a earth, sky, water and no more or is it?  How can this be home?
"Water Drop"
  This is part of the human condition.  Do we choose our beloved families or these physical places that call to us? There will always be a longing and this impossible decision.
p.s. I managed to take some photographs despite all of these emotional questions and not being able to see what I was doing.  That is something really cool to think on!

Saturday, February 4, 2012