Thursday, March 1, 2012


For the month of February, Elle Moss Photography Blog had a Photo Challenge going with a theme for each day.  The uber talented and lovely Elle Moss, took a photograph for each day and some of the photographers who follow her blog jumped in and did the same. The results are so unique yet they each fit the themes so wonderfully.  Check them out!  I only got one of the themes done which was "Spice".  I have to complicate things way too much.  I should make peace with this, the fact that I bring out my wardrobe, hair and makeup, props, and all the rest and can never decide on one photograph.  I end up telling the same story over and over.  Here are my "Spice" photographs. What story do you

"The Oranges"
"What was Offered"
"100 Years Wedding Rings"
"Oil Cake"
"For Sister Fox"