Sunday, January 31, 2010

Billy Elliot Electricity/Swan lake

I'm a big baby, but the first time I saw "Billy Elliot" in the movie theatre, I was with my twin and when it was over we looked at each other with tears in our eyes and we both said at the same time, "again" and we got up and bought tickets to see it again-we never do that and rarely make it to the cinema to begin with. She now has 2 little boys and they love to do "romantic dancing" with us which is when we do ballet with them-we didn't force them-they just thought it was fun and they are good at it! It is the hardest thing I have ever done. These boys' dad is a big triathlete-an amazing athlete all around and his sons would rather "romantic dance" with us "Moms". Their big athletic dad doesn't even care. He says it is the hardest thing to do too and maybe someday they will want to do what he does(they already love swimming are like the most graceful fish in the water-so proud!). And, I just love the all male version of Swan Lake. I have been fortunate enough to see it. I am trying to work on a little surprise for my twin. Will let you know how it goes!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Desperate Measures

The Front Window all fancy and such~

Big Hat Books all Sepia-Like

A little table with Saint Valentine's Days offerings of books and decorated boxes by me.

Our dear old house pillar. It came from an Art Gallery I worked at nearly 10 years ago. Many a wonderful thing has been displayed on it and I am very attached to it. I am glad to see it safe and sound at Big Hat. Right now it is displaying a wonderful book about taking the "Hell" out of "Healthy"-love that! and is decorated with sugared fruits and more cut out hearts. Please bury me with this pillar-thanks.

I love this "wee" window. I made the little sign beneath it. It says, "Unattended children will be given an expresso and a puppy. Thank You, The Management." No, it doesn't say that! It says, "Adults who don't attend to their children will leave this store with their children and 2 puppies. Thank You, The Management". That's better right?

Since I have been so out of it, I decided to go ahead and do the window displays for Big Hat Books and Arts here in Broad Ripple Village. I call this my "practice art". I got some pretty papers and ribbon and made foot after foot of hearts garlands which I hung all over the store to make it pretty for Saint Valentine's Day and to display with all our new books. To me, it looks just like my 2nd grade class room on Saint Valentine's Day-hehe.

The super crazy thing? This took me FOREVER! I am moving really slow these days. I had to take Desperate Measures to get all of this done which also included dressing for the part. That meant I forced myself to fix my hair(kind of), wear my nicest old levis and vintage cardigans, and I even pulled out lip gloss! I know! How crazy have I become? Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures indeed.

A little area of Saint Valentine Cards-more to come!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Amazing Photography of Susan Knight of Visual Musing Photography

Introducing the lovely and talented photographer Susan Knight of Visual Musing Photography! I have had to take it easy with my own art. I am going to try to work on some sketches today and little things, but I wanted everyone to check out Susan's photography. She is also a fabulous friend and sweet, thoughtful person-what a gift!

Susan's Version of my "Ash and Thorns" Series~ I don't think I could do this with one of her series or anyone's series if I tried and tried! Susan is so uber talented!

My Version

Her Version-she even made a crown and painted on her own "tattoos"!

My Version

Her Version-Her "Merle Hair" is a wig-it looks flawless! She even made her version of the cuff I am wearing-a gift from my dear friend Firuzan in Turkey(along with my crown)

My Version

Her Version-Look how great she got the tattoo! She did such an amazing job on the background too as well as the overall feeling of the the whole series-I am still in awe!

Inspiration from my Paintings, Monotypes and Art Dolls-specifically, their painted faces-my take on tribal face painting.

Inspiration from my Self Portraits

And, All Susan! Wow! FABULOUS!

You can find Susan's amazing photographs and more about her at her website "Visual Musings" HERE.

Susan take photographs of just about everything and they are just breath taking. She is also an amazing self portrait artists and can morph herself into just about anyone, including me! She looked through my photo stream on Flickr and came up with these amazing photographs where she has posed as "me"! I was so surprised and really honoured. She did such an awesome job! She has combined several photographs together for some of the photographs and also added in the look of my paintings, monotypes, and art dolls. I was really overwhelmed so I wanted to share my version and then her's. And, she is wearing a long wig-who knew?

When our other photo friends saw Susan's photos they screamed, "they are so MERLE!".

This made me so happy because 1)it means that I haven't lost myself in the hardships of the last few years and 2)it also means that I may actually have some tangible thing for people to go on when they think of me-something original which makes me so happy too. I have never wanted to do the mainstream thing so this is so important to me. Many thanks again and again Susan!

Thank you Magician Susan! You have made my year and so soon in!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Looking Forward and Back with Just 3 Photos

You can see that we sisters naturally have blondish/brownish/redish way hair but I really dig Jer in this black wig. Huh, something to think about. Who am I kidding, as soon as I did something like this to my hair that was permanent, I would just try to grow it back out so I could put it in some braids.

I love these photos of my twin sister Jer with her beloved little cat Gilligan Pudding. "Gilly" lived to be 30 years old and had quite and adventurous life and was well loved by all of us. In the middle photo, Jer is 8 or 9 and Gilly is about 1 year I think. Jer has dressed up Gilly in a little outfit and I took that photos of both them outside our family's barn. It makes me laugh and smile. The other 2 photos I took of the 2 of them years later. Jer is in her 20s and Gilly is close to 30. Jer is one of my favourite models-she just does what I want her to do without me having to ask(yes, creepy twins) and Gilly is in top form as well. She could sit on your shoulder all day long-while you walked around the woods, while you did your chores, it was pretty amazing. I miss that a lot.

(Oops! One more photo! Here I am dressed as a Medieval Princess with my little Siamese cat Lang who lived to be 14. She was my "Gilly" and I miss her everyday. She taught me a lot about love and patience. And yes, she is wearing a little Damsel Hat!)
These photos say a lot to me. Love your people and be yourself, and focus on what is the most important in life. And, since it all goes so fast you really need to be wise about what you choose to focus on-really it isn't that hard.

I am still pretty sick. I don't want to go into all that. It has been hard for me to slow down which is crazy because I am pretty sure that I was doing nothing important! I have plans too! I want to change this blog all around and to do more art and more kinds of art. I don't think I have learned much yet. I think I will stare at this photo for while longer until I get the meaning better. Wishing you all a wonderful and SLOW 2010!

Love and miss you sweet Gilligan Pudding!