Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pascal's feet and my Moccasins

For this evening, Here is a photograph of my eldest cat Pascal's little feet on top of my moccasins. We often walk around like this-His little feet on top of mine while I hold his little paws on top. I guess it is a bit like a little girl "dancing" on top of her Dad's shoes. Pascal has the most beautiful blue-black fur which feels like velvet. He is very cooperative about being groomed-mani/pedis, brushing, and baths as well so I am super lucky. I got these moccasins a few years back at a local Pow Wow. It is about time for some new ones as the bottoms a getting a little thin. A good evening to all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sneak Peak-Photographs of The Divine Jewelry of Edera Jewelry

It sure has been a long time since I have posted in my poor little blog.  Finally, I have a few recent Self Portrait Photographs.  I have had the recent opportunity to shoot photographs wearing the sublime Fine Jewelry by Ivy Long of Edera Jewelry. Ivy creates her all her jewelry by hand and from real gold and silver lace that she makes herself.  I am amazed by anyone who keeps the old world arts alive such as making lace.  Each piece she makes is one of a kind with a theme and special name that reflects this theme.  Her pieces also feature semi precious gemstones. 
You will be amazed and taken back to another era when women chose to wear beautiful jewelry that would last a lifetime and then be passed on to the next generations.   Buy a heirloom piece for your wedding or a special piece that you will treasure.  You will be will be investing in a tradition of past times.  Thank you for bringing these traditions back Ivy!  Here are a few photographs I took of myself wearing her "Sidonia"earrings.  I have to admit that wearing them made me feel like a I was royalty.  I stood up a little straighter and held my head a little higher.  Please visit her blog and her Etsy shop through the link above.