Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Weekend of my Etsy Sale!

This is the last weekend that I will be having the sale in my Etsy shop. Click on my "Sale" to go there:

After this weekend, I will clear out the old and hopefully slowly be adding in new pieces so wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dolls in My Etsy Shop

You can find my dolls here:

Here are my first two dolls to show up in my Etsy shop. My little faerie "Little Robin's Egg Blue Faerie" is now in the shop. She is buzzing around my studio wondering if she will have a new home. She is 15 inches long(tiny for my dolls) and I even made her a tiny crystal and glass beaded crown.

Joining her is one of my Cat Busts. This is Solstice from Saint Moritz, Switzerland. I beaded his red cross and blue diamond collar with teeny tiny seed beads on my bead loom-whoah-that is something I always forget is so crazy to set up, but so worth it once a piece is finished. I am going to try and add another doll tomorrow as well. So, if you have a chance, check them out!
Take care!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Esty Sale still going on~

My Esty shop sale will be going on until the 2nd week of March. I hope to have new pieces to add to my shop at that point. I am going to start selling my photographs, dolls and my cat busts(I may try to add a fairy and a cat bust to the sale! Then, I can start on new ones).

Today I was inspired by some really gorgeous fancy papers. I actually got several sheets, new sealing wax and will be looking for some more vintage ribbon so I can start a new series of plaques. Plus, it is time for new beads(shiny! sparkle!) for headpieces and new jewelry. I am teaching my little girl cat Bijou to help me out with this as she loves beads and wire so much. We all have a love for gorgeous fabrics-I like to make things out them and my little cats like to sleep on them! I am loving all kinds of pinks with moss green right now-love these sweet fabric flowers and vintage shoes!

My little herd of black cats(The Littles as I call them) have been telling me some pretty incredible stories of what they have been up to so I must start writing those down.

Here are some images of things that have been inspiring me-fashion always inspires my paintings and my dolls.

I am loving fairy things-toadstools, fairy wings, moss green~ I am also loving so many colours-as I always do-but I am feeling the pinks, aqua, browns, purples and more.

I am loving ancient Greek things-like these gold sandals, and ancient Greek jewelry. Add to all this anything folklore-y plus some vintage lace, feathers, beads, (nice big black boots too of course!) and little cats and animals and you have what is running through my mind-busy place!

Hope all is well with all of you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Tess

I have a dear friend named Tess. She is a rare beauty and full of love and light. She is suffering from a rare medical condition and is in desperate need of help. So, some of her friends have set up a live journal community to auction off art of all kinds to help her. Tess is strong and a fighter, but she needs help too and has given her permission to disclose the details of her illness and for us to do this auction. More information is on the community page.

For my part, I am auctioning off my original mixed media painting "Medieval Lady with Spring Flowers". I am hoping it appeals to anyone who is longing for spring!
This piece has been done with watercolours, metallic inks, coloured pencil and pastel on archival rag paper. It measures 8x10 inches(with some extra space for framing).

Bidding has begun on this piece and is now at $30.00. If you are interested in it or want to see any of the other artists' offerings, please check out the link below.

Shipping is included in your bid to anywhere in the world. Payment is made through paypal and goes directly to Tess. Again, more information can be found on the community's user info page.

Click here for the link to the community

And thanks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Have All My Dolls Gone?

I have been looking around my studio and house wondering, "Where have all my dolls gone? I thought I had made tons?" But, I can't seem to find many. So, I had to take a trip back in time and revisit where they all ended up.
These Three Little Ladies were all sold to different homes years ago. Now I remember that they are in happy places(from left: Violetta, Snow White and Anouk)!

This Lady with the Long White hair was commission by my Printmaking Professor. She was a really big doll. My professor is one my best friends and she has long white hair herself. I wrapped this doll like a mummy to send it to her. We call her "Baba", my professor's nickname.

This group of Cat Bust was made for a special show at a local Gallery. I have sold all of them but one. I love them but, the gilding of all of their crowns took forever. I guess it should take forever!

Oh! I miss these little Faeries! There were more and they all had on Party hats and were have a tea party with with cakes and treats! I made them for a special May Gallery show and sold them all. I am glad people thought they were so fun. The one who bought the little Faerie in the photo named her "Coco". Love that!

This Chitza, a Faerie from South America. Yeah, um, I know where she is. She is currently flying around my house! I did put her in a show, but I brought her home!

This doll is "Deidre"(based on the Irish folk tale). She is the 2nd doll I ever made and I sent her to my best friend in VT.

And this is "Ophelia", the first doll I made. I had to keep her because I love her and I needed to remember how I made her!

This is a doll I made for my twin from the remnants of the fabrics my mom and I used to make her wedding dress so this is her "Bride Doll". It was so fun to surprise her with this!

Oh, the mermaids I have made! Big and small, Dark and Light. Here are few. I have sold these, but I have kept a special one for myself. Her name is Ione and she has dark raven hair and an emerald green tale. I have also made mermaids with hot pink hair and purple tails-that was fun too! Here are the Little Mermaid and Undine.

And, For a Dia De Los Muertos Exhibit, I made an altar to my deceased pets so I had to have flying angel cats and my lovely cats whom I grew up with-these are all in my home now. I need to make more angel cats, dogs and whatever else animal people want!

I sold my first Bird Cage skirt dolls before I could take some proper photos of them-yikers! Imogene is in pink and Matilda is in blue. The best part? Their skirts light up!

So, that's all I can do for now. I have sweet faerie named Aida that flies around my house too and several more that have ended up other places. One Chocolate Faerie went to live with a sick friend. My version of "Tinkerbelle" went to live with one of my Aunts(everyone in my family gets a doll for free-that's just the way it is!). A new faerie I made is one her way to a dear friend across the ocean who is about to give birth to a baby. Sleeping Beauty is still in her bed, but is slowly waking up. The Snow Queen is a bit ticked that all our recent snow and ice has melted.

I did a more recent post of my latest Bird Cage Dolls that I made for a show in October-they are a darker version of Imogene and Matilda and are named Raven and Mina. It has been a slow winter and I haven't felt like I can make much. I think it has been hard on a lot of people. I am hoping that I can create again soon. October was a long time ago!