Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Collaboration With Ivy Long of Edera Jewelry

Bohemian Gypsy Bride
Edera Jewelry Monarch necklace
Self Portrait photograph, Merle Pace
Wardrobe and Styling, Merle Pace
Monarch Necklace~Private Collection
Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to take some self-portrait photographs as well as photograph my friend and model, Lorissa Byely, wearing Ivy Long's of Edera Jewelry sublime pieces.  She mailed me several pieces and I created several different looks for each one keeping in mind that Ivy's jewelry has a big focus on Bridal.  Each of the pieces included colour which I incorporated into each Bridal Story.  I am happy that Ivy liked the results!  I hope the photographs illustrate how colour can be incorporated into a wedding through your jewelry and other details to make the day truly unique.  
Edera Jewelry Demerter Necklace, For Sale in Edera Etsy Store
Photograph,Merle Pace
Model, Lorissa Byely
Wardrobe, Merle Pace
Styling,  Merle Pace
 Each piece of Ivy's jewelry(ranging from headpieces, brooches, necklaces, earrings) is one of a kind and meticulously made from traditions of the past including lace making and embroidery of her own designs.  To these designs, she adds gorgeous semi precious gemstones, vintage beads and fine real gold and silver threads.  As fine heirloom jewelry, all the detail and patience she puts into each piece is overwhelming.  Here is the Link to her Blog Post where she has written about our Collaboration how she used my photographs with her pieces.

One Version of Ivy's Violaine Necklace-A more "Medieval" Style Photograph
Description Below
Photograph, Wardrobe, Styling-Merle Pace
Model, Lorissa Byley 
This is the link to Edera Jewelry's Etsy Shop which includes some of my photographs with her new Fall and Winter 2011 "Neoclassical" Collection.  Please check out more of the "drool-worthy" pieces here.  I have added 3 examples of my photographs below.
Long Black Onyx Earrings, Garnet Post Studs, Handmade Gold Lace. Dramatic Grecian/Neoclassical Design. Fall/Winter 2011-From Edera Jewelry

Gold Lace Necklace~Medieval. Purple Amethysts, Freshwater Pearls, Gold-filled Chain

From Edera Jewelry

Autumn Beaded Necklace~ Pumpkin Orange Teardrop Textile Pendant~ Gold Lace, Quartz Crystal, Citrine~From Edera Jewerly
 I look froward to photographing more Edera Jewelry and creating more little "environments" and "stories" for each piece.  I am really enjoying doing this for other Jewelry Artists as well.  Ivy is on the East Coast and I am in the Midwest, so Ivy FedX'd me her pieces, I photographed them in a few days and sent them back.  I have done this for other artists from as far away as Finland.  They trust me to create a unique look that is specific with their vision and their creations.  If you are interested in having me photograph your Jewelry or other pieces, please contact me here or at
Wishing you all the best!
Edera Jewelry Hylas Necklace 

Self Portrait Photograph, Merle Pace
Wardrobe, Merle Pace
Styling, Merle Pace
Hylas Necklace, Private Collection
All Jewelry and Photographs property of Edera Jewelry and Merle Pace/Rowan DeVoe Arts
Copy Write Edera Jewelry and Merle Pace/Rowan Devoe Arts
More Info about Ivy and her techniques:
Ivy Long is a jewelry designer and and self-taught lace maker based in beautiful Vermont. The daughter of a milliner, Ivy began honing her interest in fiber arts and jewelry at an early age. By high school she had apprenticed with several jewelry designers. In her early twenties she discovered an affinity for crochet and lace making and by combining her love of jewelry with her love of lace, Edera Jewelry was born.

Edera Jewelry (named after the Italian word for ivy) is a collection of designs that feature Ivy's distinctive handcrafted lace. Creating her own patterns, she meticulously crafts each piece of jewelry from scratch, forming intricate lace designs with just a spool of thread and a tiny crochet hook. Her designs feature rare real metal threads imported from Europe that are nearly identical to those used in the opulent embroideries of the Renaissance. Interwoven with colorful silk threads, vintage beads, and luscious semi-precious stones, the jewelry celebrates the eternal feminine with designs that are beautiful, complex, delicate yet strong, and distinctive.