Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Studio

After reading Audrey Ecletic's blog about studio spaces I wanted to post a few photos of my studio. It is really a mess! I think that part of the problem is that I like to work with so many different mediums so I don't get bored or burnt out. I live in an old brick building that was built in the 1920s and turned into condos recently. I love it because of all the cool details like arches ,gothic revival trim, great tile in the bathrooms, and hardwood floors. It also faces a gorgeous little courtyard and my little cats love sitting in the big windows watching the other owners come out with their dogs.

You walk into my front door and there is my living room, then bedroom, bath and kitchen. But, if you open what looks like mirrored glass doors to a closet you get a surprise-they open to a small metal stairway which leads to my studio. I am lucky because there is another whole bath down here and I have a little guest bed against one wall. My printing press is in here, all my fabric/sewing stuff, all my beads and jewelry making supplies, and all my doll making supplies plus just random things like stuff to make cards and wrap up my art and years and years worth of prints in a big flat file. The downstairs also has its own door(or I would have never fit all of this stuff in here- I am definitely a MORE IS MORE kind of person-I have to be! Whenever I throw something out, I look for it later!). It is still a work in process-I work on the studio a little and make art a little. I have almost lived here a year which I can't believe though! I have to hang art and relics everywhere which is kind of crazy.

Anyway, here are some photos-the mirrored doors inspired me to give it an Alice in Wonderland, "Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole" and Fairy Tale theme-still working on all that too!


CatHerder said...

SO GORGEOUS...and so inspirational...I STILL havent set up the studio, im still mobile and i hate it.....i have a sunroom i could convert, but we have arched doorways and stucco i cant put in a door...and you know what its like to work with a catherd around...i dont think blowtorches and soldering irons mix with kitty i just close my bedroom door and pull the mobile table and my mobile hutch out of the walkin use the walk in closet (its big) but not insulated and too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter...i think im gonna move in with you lol!

RowanDevoe said...

i hope you can find a space to yourself sometime soon! kick one of your kids out to the sunroom! it is hard. my mom only has a studio now because she turned one of our bedrooms into a studio but we all basically worked in the basement on our projects growing up. yes, come on over! mr.x kept all my soldering stuff! if you let me borrow yours i let you use the printing press!

Heather said...

Cool! Your studio is so beautiful and so you! You're so lucky to have a setup like you do so that you have 'studio space' and 'living space.' I'd love to see your home, I'm sure its beautiful!

RowanDevoe said...

thank heather. hopefully we can visit each other's spaces at somepoint! i seriously need organizational help though!