Friday, June 13, 2008


One of my first art loves was photography and when I was at University we were still using dark rooms, developing our own film and printing our own photographs. Learning digital stuff has been hard for me! Lately, I have been wanting to get back to my photograhs though. They were all about creating a story of somekind and I loved searching thrift stores for vintage clothes and props. Here are some of my photographs all taken with a manual 1969 Pentax camera my dad gave me and printed the old fashioned way(most by me). I realize that I don't really miss the chemicals so much, but I want to take new photos! All of my old "models"(willing friends) are too grown up now for this so I have to do self portraits which is ok but not as much fun. I am wondering why I didn't grow up too though. More next time!


CatHerder said...

GREAT PICS!!! As you know i dont go ANYWHERE without my camera and my video flip. I have been dying to get some really good cemetary shots (old statues etc) I especially like your layered shot in the cemetary..did you layer photoshop it??

RowanDevoe said...

thanks! hope you are doing ok today. yes, for years i didn't go anywhere without my camera and was always dressing up friends(and myself) for these photo stories. when i took these i didn't have any digital stuff so i did it all in the dark room-i did a double exposure for the cemetary shot of me as a ghost coming out of a grave. i also developed all my own film and printed my own photos. i took my photos with a manual 1969 camera my dad gave me. now i guess i need to figure out photoshop but it is so foreign to me! hope you can get out and take more photos soon. wish me luck entering the digital age!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a treat! Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

RowanDevoe said...

thank you!

Kaloni said...


Greetings from spain

RowanDevoe said...

Hello Kaloni! Thank you for stopping by!