Sunday, June 8, 2008

More, more with the Plaques

I am still working on the plaques and some jewelry. The weather here has been scary-lots of severe storms with tornados and flooding just south of me. We are supposed to get more rain this week as well! I am worried, hoping everyone will be ok. Some of the flooding hasn't been this bad for over 100 years! I am not so focused right now. Still working a little on getting my Etsy shop up but feeling kind of blah. So, I am not really feeling very creative and just making "doo-dahs" as I call it. Here are photos of a few of the finished plaques. I need to start making big stuff now and new dolls!


Carolyn said...

especially love your Elizabeth!

RowanDevoe said...

thank you Carolyn!
it seems there is always one piece in a series that everyone loves best and this time it is her!

CatHerder said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I think Im in love with Gordon lol!!! (a wise medieval muse once said, all cats should wear crowns on their heads!)
You need to start doing some renfaires or need to get your art out there where it can be appreciated!

RowanDevoe said...

thanks terri! i know your love for gordon is very deep indeed! i will see what i can do-i am not the best at marketing myself-that kind of fits the tempermant of an artist!