Monday, November 26, 2012

New Holiday Photos in My Etsy Shop

I have added new photographs to my Etsy Shop
that have themes for the Winter Holidays with Gift-Giving in mind so go and check them out!  The first is very much for Winter.  Welcome my self-portrait version of Hans Christian Anderson's
The Snow Queen A gift for the lover of Fairy Tales as well as just some fantastic Snow and Ice!
As with all of my photographs except the square format ones, she is offered at both 8x10 inches and 11x14 inches and is printed on a beautiful, satin finish archival photo paper in my friend John's Studio with his amazing Digital Ink-Jet Printer.  I can be there to make sure all the colours turn out just as I want.  Thanks John!
Next, is another self-portrait~my version of Queen Elizabeth The First titled My Elizabeth.
She is a colourful photograph with a lot of Holiday Reds to go with her Pale Green Eyes and Snowy, White Skin. Give someone the gift of Elizabethan Goodness. 
Finally(for now) is The Portrait.~ My offering of a Renaissance Style Painting.  This photograph is the perfect gift for the lover of classic art with the twist of my photographic interpretation.  The photograph is done with warm colours with a bit of an icy, blue veil~a combination that I ended up liking.  Warm and Icy~very much "Winter Holidays" to me!
I do have more photographs to come!  I am very excited by two gorgeous, vintage gowns I have just found and can't wait to wear.  The characters who will be wearing these gowns and their stories are floating in my head.  I never know quite how the photographs will turn out which is like opening a gift~ a great surprise.  I have my ideas how I want my photographs to be, but I make sure to leave room for "the art" to do its own thing.  Being flexible like this is a sure way that I am never disappointed with my finished pieces.  It isn't all up to me which is a huge relief!
I hope all is well with with the folks of Blogland!
Wishing you all my best!


Bhakti Omwoods said...

I love all of these so much...!! Me and my boyfriend are looking for a new home and once we get one will def get your art on the wall :) I always look at your Etsy for new pics. Beautiful and so inspiring what you do.

Merle said...

Thank you! Would be happy knowing my work was in your home!

Chrisy said...

Oh Merle your work is such an inspiration...such a delight for the senses!