Monday, May 6, 2013

Inspired by Frida

I recently took new self portrait photographs inspired by Frida Kahlo's look.  I made a floral headpiece especially for the photos inspired by the Frida Painting on my mousepad.  I am thinking of the amazing inspiration Frida gives all the time!

I was also inspired by Sacred Heart, Madeleine Earrings that Jen Parrish currently has in her Etsy Shop as I was lucky enough to get a pair!  They can be found here-Parrish Relics Etsy Shop.  I am wearing them with my Creatures Pendant which has a photograph of my 4 Little Black cats and a turquoise Sacred Heart Pendant.  I am wearing my turquoise "Pacem" bracelet with them that she made as well.  Love the Relics!

You can just see some of my Art dolls behind me.  Hopefully, I will be creating new ones this Spring and Summer. More photos to come from this series.  I hope all is well with all of you here in Blogland! Take care!


Dreaming Woods said...

these photos are so very beautiful! oh, i just WISH that someday we could have a photo shoot together!

Unknown said...

thank you Delila! it would be a dream to take photos with you for sure!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I love the colouring of your photos and that headdress is so beautiful.

Oh and that teal blue velvet top has me wondering why I haven't got something similar in my wardrobe. That needs to be rectified! :-)

Unknown said...

thank you Rachel! that teal velvet top is one of my fav's-you definitely need one!

Firuzan said...

amazingly beautiful photos, magical atmosphere. what a big inspiration. surely, Frida would love these & kisses dearest sis..

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I do love these photos of you, especially the black and white one. Everything sings, the clothes, your makeup, the colours .... wonderful! Minerva x

Unknown said...

thank you dear Firuzan!

thank you Minerva!


LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Been away from the PC for too long ..... but now what delights awaited me upon my return! I love these photos you have done, it suits you I think. You have such a keen eye for texture, colour and form. x

Unknown said...

thank you mrs. black!