Monday, February 25, 2013

The Holly and The Ivy~Extremely Late!

Before the end of 2012, I took photographs with the theme of "The Holly and The Ivy" based on an Old English Song now sung by the talented group of female singers, The Medieval Baebes.  I was inspired by the lyrics to this song referring to the Holly Berry and the Ivy Leaf which both bloom in the cold and white of Winter.   I was so lucky to find a forest green silk velvet gown that was handmade as a Wedding gown by a woman in the 1930s.  I also added a gorgeous necklace and pair of earrings made by the talented Christina Allen Page of Sihaya Designs Jewelry

The last photograph is available still in my
Hopefully, I will be adding new Spring themed photographs!
I hope all is well with you folks in Blogland!


Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

What wonderful creations! And what a lucky find the green velevt dress was, it is absolutely perfect here. Love the ethereal otherworldy quality. Sublime! Spring will come but for now, in this English fog these images are uplifting and somehow comforting.
Minerva ~

Merle said...

thank you Minerva Black. the dress was an amazing find-only $30! and, i treasure it and appreciate all the details this woman took into making such a divine gown. i am glad these photos are comforting for you~i am not a summer person so will be loving spring here for wee bit. fog and overcast weather comfort me. please take care!