Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Totally Different-Calder's Circus

Furi the Acrobat

The Twin Saviour's and the Magical Lang

Merle the Fortun Teller and the Magical Lang

Mahidabel of the Spook Tunnel

The Lovely Veronique

Goose the Strongman

Siri the Belly Dancer

Kimi the Clown

Afar the Ring Leader

OK, time for something totally different. I am working on commissions for dolls and need a little break. I am looking at my Circus/Carnival Characters that I did for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. They were done to be part of an Exhibit of Alexander Calder's work-especially his Circus themed works. My pieces are collaged monotypes in 3D form so they are peaking out from behind their borders. I put them in gilded shadowboxes that I made. Each of the smaller pieces is about 2x3 feet big and the biggest piece is 3x4 feet.

It was a very colourful show and I loved Calder's pieces from his larger mobiles to his little paintings. What did I love best? Photos of his studio! Why? Because it was the biggest mess I have ever seen! Ha! It makes my messes look just silly. There was even some film footage of him in his studio with a friend who is saying something about the mess and Calder is just laughing about it. I love that too! So here's to making art and plenty of messes while you go!


Robin said...

Every time I see these I love 'em more. Yes, indeed, here is to messes! :-D

Heather said...

woah...these are spooky! I think circuses are spooky in general though ;) I love that you're the fortune teller. And Kimi must be your lil sis :)

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Ro! I am glad you have seen them up close!

Thanks Heather-it is my little Sis. I really don't like Circuses or Carnivals, but couldn't pass up this Commission so I tried to make it really "me" and put my friends and family in the characters. In the end, I wasn't scared of my Circus. Some people really think it is dark and scary but I don't think so-I have seen a lot of art that is for sure dark and spooky!

KatinkaPinka said...

oh, those are wonderful! i love the 3-Dness of them, bien sur!

also, you've just made me feel a little better about how messy my studio is. i was standing in there yesterday feeling a little overwhelmed and helpless about all the piles of fabric, beads, and lace. i'm going to just try to embrace it from now on, i think.

RowanDeVoe said...

you need to look at them from the slide slightly to see how they stand out. i use black foam core.

oh my stars-i will scan or find a photo that his grandson gave me of his studio-it is like a warehouse and not just paper and paint and odds and ends but metal, fabric, doo dahs and more-all huge! he looks like an ant in it! yeah, your wee mess is nothing missy! and, it is always worse after a show. email me!

grecian goldsmith said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I am so happy that you liked it, and I am glad to meet you. I had a peek at your art--it is incredible! Also, you are very beautiful in an ethereal way. I look forward to keeping in touch and reading each other's blogs.


red-handed said...

Furi the Acrobat has style.

Medieval Muse said...

I'm fortunate to have seen these in person and the photos don't do them justice! The dimension you've created adds to the impact of magical works that transport one into a dark, yet whimsical world of Voodoo Queens, Gypsy caravans and enchanting Ringmasters.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I love the idea of circuses but not the real thing, you've captured that magical feeling that I love so well!
Thanks for sharing the vision of Calder's messy studio! I can relate ;)

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks red-handed, medieval muse and cat! my studio is especially a mess now and it has moved on up to the living room and the dining room too-trying to keep my cool and think of Calder!

Jennifer said...

I love the Calder series so much!!