Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have been Out of It!

So, I have been really out of it. I smacked my head and that set me back more than I would think. The days all kind of blended together somehow. I really don't know what happened, but when I came too, I had made all these new headpieces/chokers. I also have 3 new large dolls going and 4 smaller ones too. Somehow, I also made some new paintings, new drawings for paintings and a new large drawing for a new monotype. The weirdest thing is that some of my art flew up the spiral staircase from my studio to my living room upstairs. No! It is overtaking my whole house! I guess I just can't stop it. What can you do?

My oldest cat Pascal Pace Pascal Buzzy Jean Paul Jean Paul Pace turned 8 years old this May. This just amazes me. Just yesterday he was a tiny orphaned kitten I found in alley in Broad Ripple. Now he is the big Daddy Cat here in our house. He has one white whisker thus his new nickname "Grandfather White Whisker". OOh La La Pascal! Love you so! You are so smart, clever and funny!
Here are some photos of what have been up. I am also including photos of Calder's workshop. It really will make your messes look very stupid and silly. As an older man, there is photo of Calder holding his beloved Lion doll which is part of his Circus. All the characters in his Circus did something. They wound up and moved. They flew. They sang- all with pulleys and levers and music boxes. It was quite a show. He had a friend film it old school style like my family movies and yes, I am that old. The funniest bit for me is the Lion because Calder made him poop! Calder would laugh at this every time and you could see his wife in the background laughing too. And yes, I am that silly/immature that the pooping Lion will always make me laugh no matter how old I am and that is such a great thing! Here is a younger Calder working on his Circus too. Somethings are always a good idea.

And, magic arrived in the mail as well! I am so lucky! I received a gorgeous card and an honest to goodness 4 leaf clover from dear little Heather of Audrey Eclectic(aka TashaPixie) She is just so sweet! You see, we have talked on the phone maybe 3 times but have been online friends for many years now-before there was a baby Audrey, before we were on Etsy, before a lot of stuff. It is pretty amazing and I am so lucky!
I also received a gorgeous "Magic Box" from my dear friend Mama Beaks. She is all kinds of Love and Goodness. I don't know how, but she just turned up when I was in need and sent me crystals and love and things of strength that got me through all kinds of hard times. This gorgeous box was painted by her and she also made two of her Goddess Braceletes which really help you get through a hard time. I wear them to scary stuff and everything is much better. Plus, they are just shiny/sparkley goodness! I owe her so much thanks and more. I don't even know where to begin!

Finally, the wonderful Bohemian Goddess Katinka Pinka sent me the most wonderful headpieces(yes, I will steam them like you said)! She is going through a hard time with many things, but was sweet enough to get these headpieces done. They are gorgeous and just amazing. She is the person to go to if you need a fancy Doo-Dah for your head and I highly recommend everyone wearing one everyday! Fancy just makes everything better.

I took these photos on the little bed that I found in pile in MA and put back together(and got a new mattress-well, there was no mattress and you don't really want to mess with old mattresses-yuk). This is where you all can stay when you come and visit. Penny- you too! As soon as it gets hot there in Austraila then get over here! I just got the recent issue of "Artful Blogging" and your article is gorgeous and amazing! Congratulations! And, Little Ro of Passing Fancies, you know you are always welcome to come back. The Littles miss you and Joe Bake tons! OK, everyone just come on over and lets have a party or something! Wear something fabulous on your head!


Robin said...

I so cannot wait to see your new dolls and other delights. :-) We miss you guys, too!

KeKe said...

I look forward to seeing your doll creations- :)

KatinkaPinka said...

oh look at all the arty goodness! makes me want to get to work right now!

okay, so calder's studio made me feel a little bit better about my workshop...but i can hardly even walk thru mine right now! i have fabric piled hip-high...i need to have a garage/studio sale. somebody come take all these fabric scraps off my hands, please!



Heather said...

aw! You're sweet! glad you liked the card and the 4 leaf clover. i bought that card last fall and was looking for the perfect person to send it to! And I have been on the hunt for 4 leaf clovers :)

Anyhow--wow--you had one productive headsmack! yay for getting all that stuff done! :D

Sorry i've been quieter than usual, Ive been out of the house because of the renovations...i feel slightly traumatized by it all ;)

love to you-Tp

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks tasha pixie! i love the 4 leaf clover! for all the ones i have found, they are um, no where to be found! this one will go in mama beaks box for safe keeping or until someone else really needs it! and i love that card-just perfect! hope all is going well with the renovations-just imagine how cool things will be when they are done! i need photos!
love, merle