Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's new in my Etsy Shop

I just put 2 new pieces in my little Etsy Shop.
Check out "The Butterfly Faerie". She is done with wate
rcolours, gouache, and metallic ink on archival cotton rag paper and measures 11x15 inches.

I also put my first monotype in the the Shop! Whoo Hoo! "Girl with Iris" measures "15x22" inches. I made her on my printing press with process colour inks. As with all of my pieces, this fanciful lady wears a special costume-a headpiece of ivy, a necklace shaped like a dragonfly and a dress printed with a blue and green pattern. She also has some pretty cool blue tattoos and holds a purple and yellow Iris-my favourite colour of Iris.

Besides these ladies, I spent all weekend working on dolls-waiting for layers of paperclay to dry and putting together new wire armatures. Hopefully, I will have their bodies made and then I can start sanding them, adding layers of gesso and then start painting them. Then comes the wig making, batting, fabric and finally their costumes and wings(or tails if they happen to be a mermaid). This is when things get pretty!


Becca said...

very beautiful work! Love the butterfly :)

Robin said...

LOVE the new work. Gorgeous!!

Lena said...

Merle how beautiful!!
I love the ladies and their ornaments. The colors you use make me happy!
I have always been fascinated by doll making. I once made a Waldorf doll for my daughter and it was so much fun.
Your dolls are awesome!

Ederafaerie said...

Hi Merle~
These are so pretty!

And yes, you MUST photograph yourself wearing those wonderful flapper dresses!!! Let me know when you have, I want to see...I just love the beadwork and embroidery on those old designs...

Haven't been making too much work--I did finish another pair of wedding earrings recently though. Can't stop making wedding designs for some reason :)

Take care,