Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shiny, Sparkly, New Stuff and Even a Monotype or Two!

"Girl with Iris" monotype

The Ghost Print of "Girl with Iris" which is basically the left over ink on the plate so a much lighter verson of the original monotype.

A monotype of the Goddess Aphroditie

A commissioned monotype I did for woman who wanted a "Girl and her Horse" for her daughter. She turned quite fancy. OOh La La!

Here I am(looking so very glam) with a monotype fresh off the print. Somehow, I make this into the finished piece below. Don't ask. It is another one of my 312 step processes(actually, feel free to aske me about it!).

This is a painting I did in honour of my Russian Great Aunt Fagella. She had very dark hair, eyes and skin, but she is so special to me and I feel I act so much like her and that she taught me so much about everything. Plus, she really, really "got" me which is huge. Most folks think I am kind of odd or difficult. Auntie Fagella would say of me, "She is an artist. She likes weird stuff. If she wants to dust it all well OK. I don't want to dust it, but that's just me. Meh.". Hee Hee! So true! And, Heathe of Audrey Eclectic and I go back several years with our love of painting skaters!

These skates were painted after a pair that belonged to my Mom in the 1950s. They had a wood botton and were super soft leather. She skated in them up until she was a teenager and then later she gave them to me and I wore them to skate on our creek which froze in the winter. They are so worn and so beautiful. I love them so much

A painted portrait of one my dear friends who goes back to my freshman year in college. She was a big senior and I really looked up to her(well down as she is super tiny). She went on to study fashion at Parsons in NYC and every holiday or break that I could, I would visit her and go to her classes-what a dream! She really taught me to be myself and do my own magical art thing. And, she is quite a beauty too!

A painting of a Faerie who looks to be wearing some embellishments Ivy of would make!

A painting I did of my only little girl cat Sister Blackberry Bijou. Of course, I painted her in a little crown and a fancy necklace. Of all my cats, she is the one who will not dress up. Her brothers like to look "fancy". She says "NO!". She is also the Boss of the house.

Tobias Greenmoss is very funny boy!

All my little black cats and the fur I have to deal with! It is so worth it though.

More gifts made and wrapped and woefully late!

A Birthday Gift successfully made and wrapped and on time!

German Glass Glitter Goodness!

My latest headpieces which can also be worn as choker necklaces. I sure am having a hard time photographing them for my Etsy shop as I don't want to be the model! Everyone is busy! This weekend someone is wearing these on their head for photos whether they like it our not!

A commissioned doll I had forgotten about. She now lives in NYC with a jewelry maker who is of Native American descent and has long red hair that she wears in braids.
Well, So I have had this blog look up for just a wee bit and I am ready for a change. I will have to see what happens. After Lorianne of Plumevine started talking about getting her ears done into elf ears, I can't stop looking at my ear on this photo! Time for a change! Ha! I also tried to try something different than my usually aqua/turquoise and I just can't do it. That colour is just some kind of siren song to me and I can't get enough of it!

So, I have been taking photos of new work. Here are some new paintings, and a new monotype-finally! My printing press was getting really sad! I also took some photos of my fabulous German Glass Glitter. Oh my, it is so magical! I can't wait to do some pixie/faerie art things with it. I don't know why it just makes me so excited. I am also still fighting the good fight against black cat fur which really is a losing battle but, I try. I am thinking of charging extra for it as it does get into everything I do and the more I try to get it out or off of something the worse I make it. I am just glad I don't have a dark room here. There is something to be said for digital photograhy and the dust/cat hair/weird stuff not getting in your photographs. Very cool!


karenleigh said...

Everything is so magical, Merle.

Papermoonies said...

lovely works here deary
see you on creative souls.
giveaway ending this weekend
I follow you now!

Heather said...

these are beautiful! I love girl with iris, even her ghost (you know i love ghosts!) and yes, some day i need to do more skating paintings...and i need to skate too...i havent been in too long!

Holly Loves Art said...

Beautiful work.. all that COLOR... such an electric feeling!! I love your portraits below too... they are so lovely.

KatinkaPinka said... always, m'dear!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

oh my you have been so busy! Beautiful creations, I love your colors!

Lena said...

Everything is so lovely!!
The fairy girl and the kitty are so precious!
I adore that picture where Tobias is holding the frames so solemnly! tee hee!
Lovely work my friend! <3

Ederafaerie said...

Wow! You have been very busy since I last stopped by :) I love all of the things you've been working on--the monoprints, the crowns, the doll, even your packaging on the presents is lovely! (It's all that wonderful color you use!)

And thanks so much for the mention about my blog and jewelry,'re faerie painting is beautiful!

Take care,