Friday, May 29, 2009

Grandfather White Whisker

I woke up this morning to find one lonely white whisker on the floor.

I knew exactly who it belonged to-my little cat Pascal(the oldest of my 4 cats) whom I had nicknamed "Grandfather White Whisker" ever since this white whisker had shown up on him. None of my cats have white whiskers so I was telling my 8 year old Pascal that he was an "Old Daddy Cat" now. I also told him that when the whisker fell out to please leave it in the middle of the hardwood floor in the living room. This morning, that is where I found it. Thank you Pascal!

This is not the first time Pascal has been so thoughtful. When he was losing his baby fangs, I told him to leave them in center of the hardwood floor of my living room of my old house and in next morning, I came across a tiny tooth! I was so happy to have such a special baby fang! The next morning I found his other baby fang! It didn't stop there. Six months later, Pascal got a baby brother-Tobias Greenmoss Lang was found in a pile of moss of a friends garden. Just like Pascal, when I saw that his baby fangs were lose, I told him to leave to leave it in the same place that Pascal did and just like Pascal, Tobias did! He did this with his other baby fang as well.

Tobias loves to sleep in the same bed with my Sleeping Beauty Doll in front of a family portrait!

Glastonbury gives his big brother Tobias a big ole Kiss! Hehe!

Then, little daughter cat Sister Blackberry Bijou showed up and I asked her to do the same even though I was living in another house. She was sweet and left both of her baby fangs for me. Finally, the Baby Cat, Glastonbury Mister, aka "Mister Baby" threw in his two baby fangs. Now I keep all the cat baby teeth in a little beaded box with roses embroided on it. This box belonged to my Great Aunt Fagella who went by "Rose Frances". I love this little box and what is inside it. I put Pascal's white whisker in it. Now I am waiting to see if another one will grow in its place! I will let you know!

Sister Bijou yaps it up with brother Tobias

My gorgeous beaded little box of baby fangs and the White Whisker

Wee Baby Fangs!

Pascal and the Baby Box

All for of my little cats aka "The Littles"! They love to sleep in the "Nap Line-Up"


Jen Parrish said...

love these babies!

Tobias on the Doll bed just cracks me up. Too Mucha!

RowanDeVoe said...

hiya jenny jen jen!

i so wish you and your mister could meet the Littles someday-it would be amazing and so funny!

and, oh my goodness! tobias will not leave sleeping beauty and her bead alone! he always seeks her out wherever she may be-too mucha indeed!
love, merle

Robin said...

Aw, white whisker fell out! I wish you could have seen me freak out when I found one of BatCat's baby fangs. I thought someone had accidentally ripped out a claw, and called my friend Gina, crying! LOL xo

Heather said...

Hehehe, pascal looks totally unimpressed by all the fangs ;) they look like a big ball of kittie...just like my gray girls :)

love and hugs to you~

RowanDeVoe said...

oh no ro! i am glad you figured out what it was!

ha tasha pixie! pascal is the biggest poser! out of the 4 of them, he is the biggest BABY! if he had his way, i would carry him everywhere and talk to him a wee baby voice and pay attention to only him. he is always following me like no other. he tries to act so tough and usually ends up falling or something and then huffs off. i am on to him and he knows it! they all are something else. little sis is politely tapping my leg right now as she wants to be held-it is crazy here in cat town!

KatinkaPinka said...


too cute!

one of my older cats, cous cous, lost one of his big adult fangs recently. i noticed it was loose one morning--very loose--so i gave him mushy fud instead of crunchies. i walked past the fud plate an hour or so later and it was licked completely clean except for his lone loose fang, which apparently he removed and left just for me.

CatHerder said...

Tobias and the doll are HYSTERICAL, i love it...i cant believe how much Pascal and Salem look alike...white whiskers and Salem is getting grey hairs here and there :-)

Lena said...

tee hee hee!!!
Sounds like my kitties!
I have also a small collection of baby fangs!
Aren't cat's the most wonderful animals?...
I had a dog for a little while and I'm sorry to say it is nothing like a cat. Cats are magic and so amazing.
I tell my children that whenever the find a itty wiscker or a fang to give it to me because they bring good luck...they are always so happy when they do.
Hey Merle...Have you heard of saving your kitty's fur from when you brush them?...there are places where you can send it and they spin it for you to knit something with it. I have a scarf from my beloved Snowball...she was white and so gorgeous. The fur was spun on a mix with angora rabit and the scarf is just luxurious!