Monday, June 1, 2009

New Shiny Beads Catch My Eye Like A Cat!

I am in a bead mood. Between waiting for paperclay doll layers to dry and drawings to be worked out, I bead. And, then I bead some more. I can't help it. I get distracted easily by all things sparkly and shiny and colourful. I was lucky enough to find pieces of Robin's Egg shell this morning! OOh, my favourite colour! Magick! See, I just got distracted-I distracted myself. Here are some new pieces. The one thing about beads is that they go so fast! Before you know it they are gone. I am looking into buying a "Bead Tree". I will plant it next to my "Money Tree" and all will be well with the world.
My good friend Linda made this amazing beaded Medicine/Magic Wand for me and the bracelet as well for a trade. I love her pieces-they are full of spirit and soul.
So, in return, I made her this Faerie necklace using a pewter Faerie Bead from the lovely ladies of Green Girl Studios
Then, I updated my "M" necklace with my favourite colours-turquoise, aqua, greens and more but of course~
This "S" pendant necklace has been gilded with yellow gold and made for a lady whose little cat Sami died last year. Sami was a ginger cat with cream stripes. She had green eyes so I made it with gold, copper, creamy pearls, and green/gold beads. I so hope she likes it.
Finally, here is "Aphrodite-Goddess of Love" with a Flapper twist. She has been gilded with white gold and antiqued and beaded with various black and silver beads and silver peacock pearls. More to do!


blackeyedsuzie said...

These are wonderful - I especially love the one with the faerie bead! And I can never get over those pictures of yuur cats in dresses - they are so hilarious and charming...I wonder if my six-toed boy would stand for that? Thanks so much for lovely comments a few days back....

mamabeaks said...

i LOVE my faerie necklace. i put it on as soon as i took it out of the package. i have to say that i am lucky to have an initial necklace too. i LOVE all of your art and have such a nice little collection of it so far!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks so much blackeyedsuzie! well, tread lightly if your boy has never been in a dress-i have been dressing mine up since they were little so they are used to it. i love your dolls-they are just amazing!

i am so glad you like your necklace mamabeaks! i was thinking of your pink velvet jacket with that one. it makes me so happy that you have a little collection of my art. i have nice collection of your art as well!
xo, merle

Heather said...

These are so pretty! you have such a talent to work with such tiny things!~
hugs and love!~

ingermaaike said...

Thank you so much for reminding me of the fact you are there, I have just spent an hour trawling your work and words. A truly wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you for magically reappering in my line of sight :-D

KatinkaPinka said...

everything is beautiful!

Lena said...

Everything you do is lovely!
Just as you are inside and out my dear friend!
I admire your work!