Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Making New Dolls~

I am finally making new dolls. Well, I have been working on them for a while now, but it takes a while for them to look like anything but a bunch of wire and foil. Now they have little faces and some paint. Am I slow or do I just do things the old fashioned way? I hope it is the 2nd. I sure get lost in my own little world when making any of my art and time just flows in a very different way. So, here are some of my new folks so far.

Years ago when I started making my funny looking dolls, they were based on my love of Greek and Egyptian sculptures like the ones pictured below. I had just returned from going to university in Athens, Greece. Everything ancient and mysterious is magic to me. To that, I add my own Fairy Tales, other favourite artistic periods and my own imagination to create these dolls as well as the rest of my art.

When I get to the wig-making part for my dolls, I can count on my 4 little cats to help me like they are doing in the photos below. This is a BIG help. I may have to film this bit as I look like an idiot chasing after the balls of yarn. I am confident my cats are laughing at me and that this makes their day! If I was them I would be laughing at me too. OK, I am laughing at me already-it really is funny!

Thank you Glastonbury!


Robin said...

you are so multi-talented!
*hugs* to Mr. Baby! and French kisses.

Lena said...

I love seeing your dolls on the first stages!!
and that Glastonbury picture of him jumping after the yarn made me smile so big!
Hugs and kisses dear Merle! You are amazing! xoxo

Ederafaerie said...

So neat to get a behind the scene peek at your dolls! Can't wait to see their costumes :) And your cats are so adorable--love the shot of Glastonbury dancing with the ball of yarn!

Jennifer said...

I love you Glassy!

Medieval Muse said...

Gorgeous M! Love how you give them big luscious lips and doe eyes. Can't wait to see their gowns!!!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks so much lena, ivy, jno and lisa! i need to keep going-batting bodies next!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oooh, I love the face of the dark-eyed girl, it's really peaceful and warm. I also love them when they're lined in, just before they get coloured.

One of the cats here was playing with a ball of yarn yesterday, I'd never seen it actually happen before- I thought it was only something that happened on 1970s posters. :D

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks penny! sometimes i want to leave them lined in like that. an artist friend of mine decided a while back that there were artists who had to make a line around everything and others who let stuff just flow without a border-i am a big BLACK LINE person! and ha! my little cats would love nothing more than to play with my yarn all day and eat it-whether i have balled or not! i catch them trying to sneak it away!

grecian goldsmith said...

I am in awe of your doll-making skills. The dolls are looking amazing! And I was also very delighted to see that you are interest in Egyptian and Ancient Greek sculpture; an interest I share with great enthusiasm.

Also, your cat is adorable in that last picture! It made me laugh out loud and I can only imagine the hilarity of his real life antics with that ball of yarn. :)


RowanDeVoe said...

thanks sandra!
i need to start balling yarn for the new dolls so i should probably get out the video camera-my little cats will cry and cry if i shut them out of the studio! i think the image of me trying to reclaim my yarn is probably the most funny thing-hehe!
take care,