Sunday, June 14, 2009

What to Wear to the Ball? More Regency-ness!

In just a few weeks I am supposed to be going to a big Egyptian themed ball at the museum where I used to work and where my twin still works. She has been working hard for years on the this new Exhibit. It is a new King Tut Exhibit that will replace the old Egyptian Exhibit. My twin is wearing an Egyptian Goddess gown-she is going to look amazing but she always does. For me, it is always hard. I have always been very uncomfortable in my own skin. My style is different, I am different. I have never really fit in. So, my younger sister came to the rescue and found a dress for me at J.Crew of all places. It is a wedding dress that was on drastic sale because of the colour-it is champagne and I champagne is no longer in. That is fine with me because champagne sounds delicious to me!
Here is my twin on one of her trips to Egypt.

My own love of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts!

I love the shape of this dress too-Regency! It has an empire waist an a A-line shape and is full length. It is made of champagne silk cut on the bias(always a good thing for me), the bust has this cool cross over of pleated fabric. It is also has sweet little cap sleeves.

I took it step further by getting "girl shoes"-strappy sandals that are a champagne with little rhinestones. I have been practicing walking in them!

Then there are the accessories. I have made 2 beaded necklaces. One is made from PMC with a shrunken version of a portrait of a friend's cat that I added a lot of Baset imagery and then finally beaded. The 2nd one is beaded with some of my favourite beads and one gorgeous bead made by the Green Girls Studio and is of a spynx on one side and says on the other side, "The final mystery is Oneself". It is silver covered in gold. Divine!

Finally, I am thinking of wearing this peacock feather headpiece from a friend(with some peacock teal nail and toe polish?). I also have this little beaded purse from my great Auntie Fagella that she used in the 1920s and 30s.

So, maybe this all seems silly, but getting dressed up is so hard for me! I am missing a family dinner right now because I couldn't get myself together for it-I have on my work levis and an old hanes V-neck t-shirt covered in ink, paint and who knows what. My hair is piled on top of my head and I don't even want to think about what it would looked like if i took it down(or what is in my hair). It is sad maybe, but I usually opt out of going out because I get stuck like this. It is really hard to have 2 gorgeous sisters who dress up so easily and so often, get their hair trimmed every 6 weeks, manicures and pedicures and all that good stuff. I promised them I would "try" for this ball. I am trying. I hope I make it!

Back in a time when getting dressed up was a whole lot easier for me! My sisters were still naturals though.

I don't know why this is so hard for me! Even though I am divorced, I did have a wedding and wore a wedding dress that I loved. I loved picking it out the fabric for it with my mom and fiance and all the details. What I didn't like was actually putting it on for the Wedding. Up until the actual day, I had it in my head that I would be following my twin down the aisle and somehow she would be the bride and "get married" for me even though she is already married which I do know is crazy. I have been a bridesmaid over 10 times(and a Best Man once!) and I am quite comfortable in that position. Being the Bride myself was quite a shock. I did eventually have fun and I loved the ceremony, but maybe some of us(or just me) are supposed to be in the supporting cast? I just love dressing up other folks and admiring gorgeous gowns and textiles.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ohmigosh! A a museum!?!? I didn't know such things really existed, I thought they were the stuff of supernatural action films. Keep a close eye on the artifacts, it's at shin-digs like these when the magical spirit- long trapped in his ancient prison- breaks free! If you see Hellboy give him my number. :D

And your outfit is FAB, by the way! I love the peacock colours with the cream, very 1920s! You're going to look like a film star! (so yeah...definitely keep an eye out for Hellboy...)

RowanDeVoe said...

hee penny! you crack me up! i am sending you an email! and, i will let you know if i see hellboy!

Robin said...

Fantastic ensemble, Mo. You are going to be the bees knees!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks ro! i just looked at these photos again and realized that this dress is the same shape as the one we are all wearing as little girls-i guess don't mess with what works! wish we lived closer as i would love to share my finds with you(and pinch your goodies as well-i think our shoes would work out too!).

Jennifer said...

Minea, you will look gorgeous! I can't wait to see the photos. You always look snazzy!

Fleur de Boheme said...

Your outfit is lovely and both the necklaces and peacock headpiece are fab with it! You have to make it to the ball - and I´m sure you´ll have a great time!

Take care, Kirsten

grecian goldsmith said...

Gasp! Your dress is pure awe. The jewelry you made is stunning and I adore the peacock feathers!

Dressing up is hard for me too. I always feel awkward and I prefer to make others look snazzy. My girly freinds always suggest I wear colorful dresses but I am most comfortable in classic black and white, with my black leather T-strap tango shoes. ;)

I hope you have a magical time at the ball. Please post some pictures afterward!


RowanDeVoe said...

thanks so much kirsten! i really appreciate it!

thanks sandra! i am going to try and "stand out" a bit. most likely, i will wear this, but hide in a corner! your black leather t-strap tango shoes sound lovely!

take care,

Lena said...

That dress is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the pictures!
The jewelry looks amazing too! Love love love that kitty necklace!