Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Photos and New Art Supplies!

So, It has been raining and I have been wanting to take photos outside. Though I have other art projects to work on, when you want to one thing you kind of can't give it up. So, I have been working on photos that I took a little while ago. Here they are. I need to practice all this digital stuff. I have a very scary look so some folks may need to look away.

And, all of a sudden and all at once, I received new art supplies in the mail! New bricks of Paperclay will help me get back going on dolls I am working on. I also received many new colours of German Glass Glitter which is so sparkley and perfect for all faerie projects. I also got a a bag of some great new yarn at my friend's yarn shop in the village which will soon become hair for my dolls. My little cats are just crazy for the yarn though. I found 2 of them fighting over the bag and had to hide it away. So, I need to get myself going. Go self go-go!


karenleigh said...

These are so gloriously beautiful!

Malgorzata Maj / Sarachmet said...

Thank you for giving me opportunity to stumble upon your work & site. Adorable!

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you karenleigh!

thanks for stopping by Malgorzata Maj/Sarachmet and for your comments!

KatinkaPinka said...

hey girl,
your pics are beauteeeeous, as always.

ooooooh art supplies! i was eyeballing that glass glitter you had in your etsy favorites...looks like fun!

Heather said...

prettiness! yes, I am so over this rain too...blah!
Youre making such pretty photos! and you are not scary! silly girl...

RowanDeVoe said...

thank tasha pixie!
i don't think i would ever get over rain. i did take a walk in the sun today and it was ok. it made me miss the dunes of the lakes up north which i used to love to go to-there are all kinds of ghost stories to do with the dunes that you would love-especially one about a lady that haunts them.

oh, i don't think these photos are scary but you never know what other folks think! thanks!