Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always So Tired and Cat Saddles...

Ugh, I can't stand it! The weather is supposed to be changing. Well, spring came and went and we are having winter again and that is fine. My migraines aren't so jazzed about the weather change. I live in the midwest and crazy weather is always the way it is. It was snowing over the weekend and will no doubt be summer by the end of the week.

My ongoing problem is chronic fatigue. Before that it was chronic insomnia-for years and years I dealt with this and for the most part it was OK as I did get a lot done-Not so much with the opposite problem. And like the weather, I have no idea why I am always tired now.

Anyway, I was lucky to have one of my best friends stop by this weekend with Christmas gifts-yeah, we only live like 10 minutes away. So, she brought over a nice jewerly bag, aka a "Cat Saddle" that we put on the little baby cat Glastonbury. This was hilarious! He is such a lovey, dovey person. I put it on him like a saddle and he just walked around like it was no big whoo. My eldest cat also wore it like a little bonnet-also very funny. I know, I am horrible. I can't help it! These cat children are too funny!

So, I have many plans for art and other things. I sure hope I can wake up. This is not fun.


Lorianne Jäntti said...

This isn't good, your body's fighting mad, that's why you're so tired. You can tell me by email, but have you been eating and what kind of stuff?

If I had a better idea of your current diet I could take a guess at what's missing and what's sabotaging things.. I got up in the middle of the night from a very uncomfortable dream to a bottle of b12, it always cheers me up and go figure, full moon tomorrow. You'd be surprised how a change in diet and routine can change your life. The problem I've had so far with a super healthy diet is too much energy and not enough ways to expell it, so it gets very uncomfortable and I end up sedating myself with unhealthy foods.

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks so much lorianne! i will email you!
love, m

Anonymous said...

Cute cat pics!!! Your cats are adorable! I have had black cats in my life ever since the day I was born and I have have a special place in my heart for them!

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Christine! I have 4 black cats, but they all weren't supposed to be black! The one wearing the "saddle"-little Glastonbury had no fur! One kitten was brown and cream stripes and one was gray! How they all ended up black, I have no idea, but you can see that they are really different if you know them.
take care,

KatinkaPinka said...

too cute!

i sympathize with you regarding the weather...it's been below freezing here one night and air conditioners on the next. what gives?

i hope you start feeling better very soon! drink tons of water...have a glass everytime you pass through the kitchen. at the very least it tends to flush out nasties and toxins and this always seems to be a good start to healing of any sort.

much love,

RowanDeVoe said...

this is what i always say about my "Littles"(what I call my 4 cats), "art they not so cute?", especially when they do stuff like this! Ha!

It is 9AM here and chilly, but it could be snowing later or terribly hot and humid-I give trying to figure it out-I will bend in the wind...

My studio is on the lower level of my house and run up and down a spiral staircase all day with my big water glass-I am addicted! I think I have been in a coma with everything that has gone on lately. I so hope I can wake up! Lorianne of Plumevine has given me some good food stuff to follow so I am going to try that-and remember-Norway is on our world tour!

Sophia Rose said...

I like the photo in your header...