Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Was This So Hard?

So, I finally finished 2 paintings today and 1 beaded headpiece. Nothing like the pressure of them needing to be done by Saturday to get me going. Still, they took so long! I am a zombie! Here is one of them. This is "The Goddess Diana in Spring". The Race for a Cure is tomorrow and I will be seeing my good friend Diana who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after having her 2nd baby at the age of 32. She is now cancer free! At the time of her diagnosis, I did a painting for her of "The Warrior Goddess Diana".

I used to live in Greece and studied all kinds of Myth(I am forgetting stuff so sometimes I am getting the Ancient Greek and Roman Myths and Gods and Goddess mixed up-I know-pitiful)the Goddess Diana was thought to be the Queen of the Amazons who were the best archers and cut off their breasts in order to be the best. I told my own Diana it was her call to be a Warrior, an Amazon(where the inspiration for Wonder came from-who didn't want to be Wonder Woman? I still do!). So, in my first painting she is in warrior paints, armor, and is standing strong with a steely look of strength, ready for battle with her loyal greyhound.

But, this time I wanted to make a different painting for her. I wanted this Diana to put her bow and arrow down and her armor. There is definitely a time to fight and hopefully a time for rest, dancing and stopping and smelling the roses too. But, we all know we can be Warrior Goddesses when we need too. That doesn't mean we don't stop liking girly stuff and a pretty dress too! I wanted her to be dancing with the flowers of spring and with her beloved greyhound(who is often depicted by her side). So, finally, here is the "The Goddess Diana in Spring" followed by the first painting I did for her "The Warrior Goddess Diana"(she is wearing a Katinka Patinka inspired headpiece of fleurs, leaves and feathers too ).

And, it is always nice to see one of your pieces in a Treasury! I love this one by Fivesisters called "Banana Pudding". Fivesisters esty shop sells amazing beads so check it out
I love Banana Pudding and she chose my piece "Venchenza" for her Treasury. Thanks so much Fivesisters! You really made my day/night and I love all the other pieces too-I want them all.


KeKe said...

I like your interpretation of Diana better!! :)

KatinkaPinka said...

oh, your paintings are marvelous! and i am so happy for your friend to be cancer-free now.

i will be sending you some pictures shortly of feathery'll have choices!

Lena said...

Beautiful paintings Merle!
I love the way you use color and the force on them!
So glad your friend is cancer free! :)

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank you KeKe and Katinka!

Thank you Lena and so glad to see you here!
love, merle