Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Book is almost Ready for Release!

In Her Own Image
"Eve and Adam"-one of my small big monotypes shadowbox collages
"Eve and Adam" on show and me wearing my fancy dress for the year and I have no idea who this guy is~
My Doll "Premarti" which means "Love Song" in Hindi. I sold a few years back-I want all my dolls to be like her as far as standards go.

My Fairy Doll "Aida". I sewed her wings and whole costume while waiting for my Dad to have bypass surgery several years ago. She can fly now and my Dad is doing great!

My super cute Cousin Tevlin(who happens to have Princess Lea as his girlfriend). I love photographing him as he is so fabulous and so freaking funny! He shows off our Indigenious Personage descent. I just look like a big piece of Wonder Bread.

I know, I have been talking about this forever! It takes a long time to get a book of 87 Female Self Portrait Artists together! But, we are getting so very close to releasing this book-like a few weeks away close.
And, I have this great photo now that shows the back of the book which I think is really cool. It is a composite of all of our icons. I am in there somewhere. It is kind of scary how good these ladies are at their photography. This is just something I have always loved doing and finally took classes at University, but when I was there we were still making daguerreotypes so I have had a lot of catching up to do. Will let everyone know when the book is ready to buy! And, this one big fat book-I didn't realize that.

Besides that, I have been so on and off with my creativity and art the last year. The month of April was supposed to be spent making art for a show in May. Yeah, now I have 2 weeks. I am just not feeling it. A lot of it has to do with me being sicker than I thought I was and the toll that has taken. And, I think something is pushing me in a new direction. I am wanting to go back to my older art that kind of had nothing to do with anything but my the crazy stories in my head. I wasn't trying to make art that I thought people would like(that is really an impossible thing to do).
It was large, it was hard to make, it required crazy amounts of 24K gold leaf, making my own shadow box frames with the smallest being around 5x4 feet. It made my back and shoulders ache, I got about 4 hours sleep a night, could never take a vacation or go out with friends(but I am not really doing any of that stuff anymore anyway) and I was always covered in ink and sawdust and gold powder, but when each piece done I could sit back and BREATHE. I really want this feeling again. This is not the best time for big, but I made my pieces one piece at a time so I can do that-maybe.

My dolls and making jewelry balanced this big art. I really want to make my dolls again-I had all kinds of crazy stories(I think I am typing 'crazy' too much) that I wanted to make for them and I should just get those out of my head-not good to have them trapped there. So far, I have several doll skeletons in various stages of "skeleton". At least it is a start.

So, I need my photography, my printmaking, my paintings, my dolls, and my jewelry. Time for my little cats to go to daycare-sorry Littles!


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

fantastic artwork !!

Sophia Rose said...

You do not look like a piece of wonder bread! lol

The books sounds fascinating, I look forward to looking at it when it's ready~

Anonymous said...

Love the Eve and Adam Monotype~ I would love to try my hand at monotypes someday but I am afraid it would be endless paint and paper flying everywhere and nothing to show for it - LOL!~Christine

Robin said...

Exciting news, all around! xoxo

Gossamer Creations said...

You sound like a busy lady.....get some rest. Great artwork. Happy easter.