Friday, July 3, 2009

New Photographs Finally

I finally had to throw myself and my camera out the door and take some new Self Portraits. Now, I need to do some more and some portraits of other folks. Why is starting always so hard for me? I mean-Every single time and every little thing hard? I guess it is my "process" or "style". I sure haven't been able to change it, no matter how hard, in about the last 20 years so I guess I will be living like this. So, here are some photographs from my "Enchantment" Series. My gorgeous Crown was made by Lorianne of Plumevine Jewelry and she made my Faerie Portal Necklace as well. I am also wearing a gorgeous "Phoenix from the Flames" cuff made by Firuzan Goker who lives in Turkey. And, I am wearing one of my favourite vintage pieces-an amazing gold and paisley print dress from the 1930s. Oh, and the little Faerie doll with me is one my own. This is the "Robin's Egg Blue" Faerie.


grecian goldsmith said...

These photos are utterly lovely. I, too, have problems beginning... I also have problem finishing projects too. If you ever find the cure to these artistic ailments, let me know. :)

Carol Anne Strange said...

Your new portraits are so captivating and magical. I'm glad I've discovered your blog!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning, and breathtakingly beautiful! I love the hazy, otherworldly look of these photos. The colors, the jewelry, the idea of faerie portals...all so beautiful and inspiring...thank you for sharing!

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you all for your comments!

if i find an easy way to start and finish projects i will definitely let you know grecian goldsmith! that will be a miracle! nothing like a deadline to get me to get something finished!

thank you carol anne! i must visit your blog~

thanks stella-thank you for your email! you and ivy are so incredibly talented-i love all of your work so much! and, yes, we need the faerie portals-my friend lorianne lives in norway and we are trying to find a quick way to visit each other-taking a plane is just not fast enough!

Malgorzata Maj / Sarachmet said...

Adorable! The 2nd up is my definite fav . The overlit face obtains a mystic, otherworldy quality. I'd love to see more:)!

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you malgorzata maj/sarachmet!
i have been working on more, but they are very colourful and fairy tale-that is what is most like me!
your photographs are just divine!

Heather said...

these photos are gorgeous. I wish I could come play dress-up! What editing program are you using, have you been on picnik? These are gorgeous....of course!

Jennifer said...

I adore the second one--you look like a Saint!

kerin rose said...

the jeweler in me is loving your faerie princess crown!....wish I had the time to add such lovelies to my mix!...what an inspiring and magical place you have created here merle!
ox k