Thursday, July 23, 2009

And Now There Are Two

Now there is a second doll with her batting body. Whew-why this takes me so long, I will never know. I am sure that there are many easier ways to do this, but I really can't stand to follow directions or take classes. I have always been a "figure it out on my own with no one watching" kind of person. Even in grade school, I would have to take all my art projects home and do them. I couldn't work in front of other kids. I think that is kind of crazy but what can you do? I still can't really do art in front of anyone. Anyway, I think both dolls like each other and that they are good friends so they are having some fun hanging out just like this-hehe!

And, here are some photos of my wee cat children. Pascal now has 2 white whiskers! What a big whoo! And, my little daughter cat Sister Blackberry Bijou is looking just radiant here. She is the big boss of her 3 brother cats. She is also my secretary as she is always answering the phone for me and sitting in my computer chair. We are often trying to shove each other out of that chair. She is the boss so I really need to give up the chair. She also has her own "flat" under my flat file-no boys or moms allowed. I am really interested to see how she has it decorated though. Probably the opposite of how I decorate-classic mothe
r/daughter struggle. Good stuff! Don't worry-if it sounds like I am a crazy cat lady you are right-I am one!

Pascal with his 2 white whiskers-so very handsome!

Sis with our headless Saint Francis-what a little bossy beauty she is!


Ederafaerie said...

Hi Merle!
Your two dolls look so cute just "hanging out" in the chair--can't wait to see them all dressed up :)
And speaking of cute, your cats are adorable--I was laughing about your description of Blackberry Bijou answering the phone for you!

I got your note--thank you!-- and have been meaning to write for *ages* ! Digging myself out from under a pile of jewelry and wedding related tasks...

Will talk to you soon! Hope you're doing well :)

RowanDeVoe said...

hi ivy!
yeah, i am letting my dolls run around naked while i work on getting more bodies done on others-that is so funny to me. and hehe-sister cat does answer the phone-when it rings she swats the receiver off all by herself and then "YAPS" loudly into it. it is so funny that i just let her do it. the phone scares me so this is a good solution!

i know you must be so busy- i really should be there in my dome tent! wishing you all the best-this is going to be great! so excited for you and your soon to be mister!

KatinkaPinka said...

heehee, too cute!

your dollies are looking positively radiant...keep up the good work!

i know a guy that runs a garden center and he has a 'secretary' chicken-she jumps up in his office chair while he's at his desk (she plops down behind him) and sometimes she will even lay an egg...while he's sitting there with her! animals can be so funny, bien sur.

p.s. the type of monkeys i was talking about in my email yesterday that make the woooop wooop woop sound are gibbon monkeys. YES!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks about my dolls katinka!

oh my, that is too funny about the chicken secretary! sometimes i can't find bijou, sit down in my computer chair and she "yaps" as she is right behind me! at least i don't have to worry about her laying an egg!

hehe! i know what monkeys you are talking about-they would make international travel SO FABULOUS! HA! can you imagine?

Thomas Sheridan said...

Pascal looks just like my cat Phillo. He is a total psycho, but a heart of gold. funny too.