Thursday, July 16, 2009

Setsi's Gold Head and Dr. Simone Monroe's Journals

This is how my nephew's gold head turned out. I tried to make it look all "ancient and mysterious", added the journal pages from "Dr. Simone Merle Monroe" dated back to 1909, and presented it wrapped in layers of gauze and ancient looking fabrics a friend sent me from India. My nephews both liked the head and the hidden journal pages(and my dad and father in law-well, sister's father in law were both very intrigued and kept asking me so many questions like the whole thing was real-hee! My dad now wants to 'find' Dr. Simone's missing journal-guess what I am making him for his birthday.).

Anway, I haven't worked with clay that I had to build, sculpt, cut, scoop out, put back together and fire in a kiln since college! Whoah-so very out of practice. I am in awe of all of you folks who work in so many mediums on a daily basis. And yes, I know my head is big and "wonky" looking-I modeled it from my own head so you know something weird was going to happen(even though I happen to have a child sized head!).


mamabeaks said...

What an excellent gift! I love it and it turned out great, right down to putting it in "ancient" wrappings. You are so creative. I love seeing the things you create.

Lena said...

What an awesome present!!
The head is so magnificent Makes me think of an ancient Egyptian treasure! You are a great auntie!!
Love the pages of the diary too...tee hee...too cool!

Carol Anne Strange said...

This has turned out wonderfully, Merle. What a gift! And all that extra care and attention you bring makes this extra special. What lucky nephews you have! Wishing you lots of magical moments in your days. xx

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you everyone! what really made it all worth it was the looks on my nephews faces as they unwrapped all the cloth and saw the gold shining through-it was priceless(and so funny!). and, so priceless and funny all over again to see both grandfathers studying the journal pages as if they were real-hehe!

KatinkaPinka said...

such a beautiful, special, wonderous gift!