Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Tobias and Stripes for Ren

I went to work down in the studio picking out fabrics for my new dolls to wear and came back up to this sight. Of couse my little cat Tobias would be in the laps of my new dolls. He is so funny. He loves my new dolls-loves to cuddle up with them. I have a Sleepy Beauty Doll in her own bed and he is always trying to snuggle up to her. If I happen to take her out of the bed he leaves the bed alone. The minute she is back in it, so is he. So here is a funny photo!

Also for Ren of Fairy Steps, I had to add a photo of myself wearing a pair of my stripey socks with a pair of my favourite red shoes(I have a thing for red shoes) and one of my favourite dresses(I love the diamonds of blue and purple). Stripes are always a good thing! Check out Ren's amazing shoes that she makes all by herself-Wow!-and all the other magical things in her life at her blog


Sandra Evertson said...

Your kitty is so sweet, I think he wants a dolly!
And btw, your dollies are Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Sandra-I did make him a doll thinking that would make him happy but no-he likes the ones he is not supposed to have the best! This I can't quite seem to figure out about him-he is such a little mystery-right now he is sleeping in a shoe box next to a comfy cat bed-he has his own thing going on!
take care,

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Thank you....!!!!
You look wonderful! I like the red shoes, they look very comfy... but you need fairy shoes with pointy ends....
And snap on the black cat 'who likes to sit on everything you make'. My big black cat Zambi does the same..... hairs everywhere! I have to keep my workroom door closed or else he tries to find bags and shoes to sharpen his claws on! But I love him.
The dolls are going to be beautiful, cant wait to see the finished outfits.... striped stockings are perfect on them!
Ren x

CindySowers said...

You've been busy! Everything looks maaarvelous! Can't wait to see the finished outfits for the gals! -- Cindy

Stella Pesci said...

That cat is just too funny...they love to be where the creative action is, and right in the middle of it!( I have to keep my hats behind closed doors or my two cats will be sleeping on them!) I love the expression on your cats face...very self-satisfied!
Stella xo

RowanDeVoe said...

Thanks Ladies!
Yes, Ren, I agree-I love these shoes but a pointy toes would be so much better! And, yes, I do shut these kittens out when I am working on my printing press and squirt them with water when they are just way too much into my stuff. You should hear all the crying when I shut them out of the studio-just horrible!

Thanks Cindy! I hope all is well with you! I am getting several dolls to this part and then I have to get over the hump to the next. Right now I am picking out fabrics for everyone and getting new sewing floss-time to get more supplies!

You so right Stella-my cats can't be fooled-they know where the real action is! I am sure my cats would be sleeping on your hats as well(they actually making my long hair into 'nests' to sleep into-it gets a little crazy). This little Tobias is very happy with the dolls-it is always hard to pull him away from them!
xo, merle

Carol Anne Strange said...

I think Tobias is protecting your creations - or keeping them warm perhaps until they receive their gorgeous dresses! I so love your dress and stripey socks and red shoes, Merle. Wonderful! x

RowanDeVoe said...

Carol Anne,
You share a name with my mom, but she has gone by just "Annie" since high school! I think you are right about Tobias. Once the fancy fabrics come out he will have to make do with his little cozy sleeping basket! Thanks about my dress, socks and shoes-they all make so happy!
take care,

CatHerder said...

ADORABLE Merle...we all know what Salem would have done to them lol!

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks terri! and oh no salem! i finally had to put the dolls up(they have their fabric ready anyway) as they started getting more company than just tobias!

Heather said...

awwww, he's a little lap warmer! they ARE naked, you know ;) he was just being gallant ;)
Hugs to you and hope you are well! did you get the latest post card? :)

dubuhdudesigns said...

I grew up with cats and I forget sometimes how funny they are:)I enjoy seeing your beautiful (more like striking) dolls before they are dressed...ill they be gypsies?

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks tasha pixie! and, i had never thought of that, but he is being oh so gallant! thank you so much for your postcard too! i always love getting mail from you!

wow christine-what an amazing compliment to receive about my dolls from you! these 3 ladies are already planning out, but there has been an ongoing project involving gypsies, faeries and more-slow going! hopefully i will get this bunch dressed over the weekend. i have been in bead-land all week!

blackeyedsuzie said...

teehee - that is sooo adorable. My little blck friend likes to sleep on a 33-year-old rag doll my mother made fr my first birthday. It kills me. And I covet your gorgeous chair! You dolls look amazing - I also covet your confidence with colour!