Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Post

"After All These Years, I Am Still Just Me"
(I am a twin but a 'single' as well. Suddenly that is a very deep thought.)

"The Relic On Green Glass Beads"
(Relic and Bead goodness-Bless!)

"And In A Flash It Was Gone"
(Someone asked me if I used a wind machine for this one and I said, 'Oh yes but of course, I carry one with me everywhere I go!' Hehe! Don't you? You know-just in case you want to um
have something windy going on? You can never be too careful! It is a very breezy or not breezy world.)
~just fooling around with phonts~
(the 'Summertime Hair' makes an appearance in which such case I stop trying to comb out my hair.)

"Blessed Black Sheep"
(I think I am supposed to know how to remove that big wrinkle around my mouth or is that just a smile? Ugh, all this stuff has me thinking too much! It's my big 'man hands', 'man neck', and 'man face'! Why can't I be a delicate butterfly like all the other girls?)

"Leave Us Black Sheep Alone!"
(Same with the eye wrinkles-or am I successfully pretending to be ticked off? Freakin Frackin society with fake faces and all that jazz-Poo!)

I have been trying to work on things-have stalled a bit but am trying to get going again. I took a break to work with some of my photographs and practice some editing. Maybe I will figure this out. Maybe not. I so would like to photograph someone else rather than myself that much I do know. The dolls may be in hiding until their big "reveal". I have also been working on some teeny tiny beadwork. Granny needs new glasses(really, new eyeballs)! The weather has been so humid which means my wintertime straight hair is summertime curly hair. I wish it would chose one or the other. The weather keeps changing a lot too which is not good for my eyeballs or migraines so that is why I have to keep keep switching things around. Everything will get finished somehow.


joanne May said...

Hi Rowan,
I like your photos. Great shots of your red hair. What a lovely blog you have here all things fairy and witchy my favourite subjects too!:)
Your cats are very cute. I'm very fond of black cats as I use to have one when I was a little girl.
I am now following you, come and visit my site if you like.
Have a good weekend.:)
Jo May.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Dearest Merle - These images are so full of magic! There is an otherworld quality about them and I can imagine you slipping quite easily between worlds, communing with nature and fairy folk. Keep being you as you're such an inspiration! Much love. x

PS ... My hair is also currently taking on a will of its own. It must be all the rain we're having! I think my wavy curls may come back soon. Be well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are sooooo beautiful...the color effects are just so magical and mezmerizing! It's okay to be a snail with our creations (I'm one, too) means we put much thought and soul into everything we do. Your creations perfectly express your beautiful being! xoxo Stella

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Merle... you are a fairy if ever there was one, I saw no 'manlike' features in any of your pictures, just an ethereal beauty.
Ren x

RowanDeVoe said...

thanks to everyone! you are all too kind! i do like taking photos and making up little stories and worlds-in many ways they feel more real then this world. i am glad to know i am not the only one who feels this way or who has crazy hair with a mine of its own(i really wish it would stay curly as i don't have to do much with it!) you are all welcome in my witchy,gypsy, fairy world anytime! joanne-thanks for visiting for the first time!
take care,

p.s. ren-hehe-i feel i look like a man because i grew up doing a lot of big man chores living on a lot of land and i was a tomboy too. i still took years of ballet, had long hair and played the harp and made art. i just never looked like the pretty girls in school-maybe i was supposed to be at a different school-fairy school! we all see ourselves in a different way.

ruthie said...

be true dear rowan, u are beautiful just as you are, x i love these ethereal images. in my painting all my lasses have red hair. i have it too, mine follows the weather, curly or straight it does just as it chooses. my creativity comes at its own pace too & i am often oh so impatient with me! but we get there in the end...all the best things are worth waiting for. x x

Renee said...

Rowan your blog is an absolute dream.

And your dear Cat Child Pascal is beautiful.

Renee xoox

Alexandra said...

I love your photography. Is always unique and so full of magic and fantasy.
The edition work is really fantastic.

RowanDeVoe said...

thank ruthie for you wise comments and compliments! i will try to be more patient!

renee, thanks so much for visiting my blog! and thank you for your sweet compliment of dear pascal!

thanks alexandra! your work is magical to me as well!

joanne May said...

Hi Rowan,
Thank you for visiting and for leaving such a lovely message!
It is great to make new blog friends, especially witchy friends!:)
I don't think your cats are mutts. They are adorable black cats.:)
See you again soon.

Lynn said...

Your avatar photo sucked me in, and what do I find...more beautiful photos.
Fantastic hair by the way.

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you joanne-yes, love finding the witching/faerie friends! and, my little black cats are egyptian nobility!

thank so much lynn! i use henna on my hair but never care too much what colour it turns out! love your mustache by the way!
take care,

Jennifer said...

Wow! Your hair looks so gorgeous and so very curly.

Heather said...

these photos are so gorgeous! and you are too! There is nothing manly about you, you are repunzle! Ah...Im growing mine out again...its gonna be a lonnnnng process...
hugs to you!~