Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Beadwork and Some New Photographs

The real "Perdita"

My little takes on Perdita with my Perdita hair Jewelry

Of course I had to take a few "spooky" photos while I have all the camera equipment out and myself semi put together!

I have been inspired by Pre-Raphaelite painter Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys' "Perdita" painting. When I accidentally hennaed my hair bright, light red instead of the regular auburn I decided it was time to do something with it. So, I finished some new hair jewelry-a matching set of beaded headband, 2 barrettes, and 4 hair pins all which feature glass, crystal and ivory freshwater pearls.

Then, I needed a model for the pieces which would have to be me because I always do thing on the spur of the moment. I have my dear Miss Havisham(my head form covered in tulle) for help, but I know when I am looking at purchasing something I want to see how it looks on a real person so here I am-again. I so wish I had a really great "Pre-Raphaelite" beauty like so many folks I know on hand for photos! I just don't have this look. I have the"wild girl raised by a pack of wolves"look going on-oh and the "Sick Girl"-so I have been told. I have also been fiddling around with fonts. Will see how it all goes!


joanne May said...

Hi Merle,
Beautiful images of you and your hair creations. Very pretty!:)
I see you are a Pre-Raphaelite fan too!
Many thanks for your lovely comments.
I have left you a reply on my site.
I was sure you lived in Glastonbury before I read your profile. I was surprised to see you are in the US.
You must have the Glastonbury energy still around you!:)
See you soon.

KatinkaPinka said...

so, so beauteous. you are a faery, undoubtedly.

mamabeaks said...

i love these new pieces so much and i really love your new hair color....... you look just like Perdita. <3

Holly Loves Art said...

Stunning work... ahh all those sparkly jewels... and you... YOU are gorgeous! Kisses to those sweet kitties as always. Have a wonderful day.

RowanDeVoe said...

hi jo! thank you for your sweet reply! i do miss the whole of glastonbury so very much. i felt very much at home there. we bought so many things for our home in the little boutiques there-lots of vintage indian pieces and saris that i made into curtains(i kept them!). my ex found me a gorgeous cream "klimt" style(that's what we called it) bias cut monsoon wedding dress for just $30.00(it had been over $500! the beaded is so dense!) at the outlet there-in the end i didn't wear it(my mom surprised me by making me a wedding dress, but i still have that as well as we had so much fun. the abbey itself was so awe inspiring-so much spirit and magick all in the same place. and, i have my first plate of "bubbles and squeak" at a little place facing the abbey. i so hope i can go back someday! i would love to meet you and hopefully we will both be wearing your faerie clothing and boots! fantastic! yes, i will see you soon.

thank you dear katinka! oh, poor dear, i am so sorry you are so hot. why don't you come on up here and cool off? we can have a picnic on the grounds of the art museum wearing our fancy headpieces and fancy dresses with gretchie. my house is like a cave-so cool! if i am a faerie, you are most certainly one as well-a very fancy one!

thank you mama-i would to take some photos of you and your babies! maybe some traditional NW native american ones? i miss all of that from the museum. hope all your work for the show is going well

thank you holly! i have an addiction to all things shiny and sparkly for sure! you are too kind. oh yes, i am kisses these kittens so much-they want me to stop!
take care,

Carol Anne Strange said...

Beautiful Merle ... you are stunning! You are the Pre-Raphaelite of our times, and the head-dress is wonderful. Your creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire so keep being the wonderful you! Much love and magic, fairy one. x

RowanDeVoe said...

wow carol anne-what amazing compliments! i think i am less creative then when and where i grew up i was way out in the country and my mom pretty much said that if you wanted something you had to figure out how to make it on your on-ha! she would take my sisters and me in town to the fabric store and i have always been giddy over beads and have been sure that faeries lived in our woods and that mermaids lived in the gently flowing creek at the edge of the woods as well. i have always loved the pre-raphaelites because-wee! dress up! ha! hope all is well with you!

joanne May said...

Thank you Merle for your lovely reply too. I can tell you miss England very much and I hope you will return as I would like to meet you as well!:)

The dress you described sounds stunning and very fairy like.
I have long red hair too and the fairy profile picture is my alter ego portrait, (Lilly May- Fay)!:)

By the way I have met Carol through your site. She is also lovely and a kindred spirit!
Speak to you again very soon.
Love Jo.x

joanne May said...

I forgot to mention!
I have put your site on my creative blog list.
I hope you don't mind?

Malgorzata Maj / Sarachmet said...

Beautiful. Everything in this post, actually! best, M.

Renee said...

I think that you are beautiful.

Renee xoxo

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you renee!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You really captured that feeling from the painting. Beautiful. Blessings.