Friday, August 21, 2009

Fantastic Gifts from Down Under

A beautiful card filled with sweet words~

Aqua blue sequined trim-Little Jo, you know me too well! This will be perfect for a "La Petite" Ya Ya headress don't you think? And, look how it matches my mugs and table!

Sister Blackberry Bijou has to check out everything herself and look at her turquoise collar!

Everything so beautiful packed up! It is so gorgeous just like this I didn't want to open it and mess it up!

This necklace is beyond amazing! It says in letter beads "Mr. Fox you sing first" which is really something since my twin and I have called our little sister "Mr. Fox" since we were all little girls. Even more amazing as I never told Little Jo this! How did she know? I also love the vintage fabric flowers, ribbon and other pieces she used on it. Love this green ribbon she sent as well.

All together beautiful~

What's in this little turquoise bag? It's fancy aqua knickers, and black and white stripey "Alice Socks! Jo and I "met" over stripey Alice socks-it all has come full circle~ As Jo would say, "My hand was over my heart!".

More fun things including a dvd which is labeled "Alice", a small turquoise door which Jo says I need to put up because we can use it to visit each other-I will have the growing potion on the other end of it waiting for you! It was was wrapped in this old pattern envelope which I love because it reminds me of what my mom wore in the early 1960s before she became a gorgeous hippie(I love both looks on her). There were also many fun things all wrapped together including the little doll, a pink recorder, little cocktail umbrellas and JO'S FAMOUS RASPBERRY LIPSTICK! Below, is a sweet turquoise apron with daisies that reminds me so much of the wallpaper in my bedroom growing up, a beaded heart box, and gorgeous tropical turquiose fabric-divine!

I was having a rough time and the other day when this wonderful package arrived at my mail box. It was from the lovely Jo of OldFlowersForMe! Jo has filled it with an amazing assortment of fabulous gifts and a ton of turquoise goodness all of which she has made or which are antiques with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme(including stripey socks!) which I love. Here are some photos. Thank you Little Jo! You have made my week, my month, my year! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend! Love you!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Your friend Jo is a beautiful, kind spirit. What wonderful gifts, Merle! I hope that life is treating you better and that plenty of magic, joy, and prosperity comes your way. Love to you and the Littles. xx

oldflowers4me said...

my hands over my heart -i might start to cry even..its amazing that i have found friends from across the ocean-when i thought i was all by my self in my little world of make believe...i so want to come over to your house to play dress ups..singing and skipping love jo anderson.

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you carol anne! jo is a very special person indeed. i wish we could all get together-i know we would have a wonderful time. i hope all is well with you!

thank you so much for your fabulous gifts little jo-they made me cry as they are all so special to me and they mean so much to me. even my little cats had to come and have a look at everything. i thought i was all alone too. i am glad we have found each other! and, i now have raspberry lipstick as well! all the better for dressing up! i can't thank you enough for your friendship and your magical gifts.

joanne May said...

Hi Merle, Sweetie,
What great gifts and such fun. Jo is very kind to send you these lovely goodies!:)
You are not alone, you have us ladies looking out for you. Don't forget that even though we might be across the sea and over the hills and far away. We can still send messages to each other with love and support!:)
Your art and Photos are beautiful so keep on blogging girl and don't be sad for too long there is too much to live for in our creative fairy world!;)
Much Love. Jo May.xxxx

RowanDeVoe said...

thank you jo!
this amazing package was so fantastic and overwhelming-i love everything in it! i am so happy that we all have found our way to each other-surely the work of the fae folk. someday i hope to be back in bath and glastonbury with you! we can go to the little indian antiques store and the abbey. and we will all be in style in our faerie clothing designed by you and ren.
love and many thanks,

KatinkaPinka said...



Heather said...

what a great goodie bag, you lucky duck!~ :D

Holly Loves Art said...

OH how lovely!! Don't you just love getting special goodies in the mail?!!

I can't believe I hadn't signed up to follow your blog... well I am now!

Have a wonderful week and kiss those kittys.