Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finish The Story! Alright Already! Where the Mermaid Came From

Part the Fifth~

When we left off last, our girl was pondering what to make of her life. Would she go against the stream and be herself? Would she make her own art and her own way? She was tired and had decided she had had enough of the world and locked herself away from the rest of the world in hopes she would finally find some peace. Surely, no one would notice or care if she did this. So, she stayed in her little tower and tried to stop causing more problems. She often thought of the mistakes she had made her life. Yes, there were some regrets.

I totally fell for this fortune and went home with the wrong person!

I was so stupid to let that witch in!
Why oh why was did sign up to become the Donut Queen?!

That trip to the "Dark Side" was a really bad idea!

This match really didn't work out at all!

This guy was real monster of a husband!

I nearly lost my head to this guy!

So, she thought it best just to stay alone so nothing bad could happen again and she wouldn't feel the pain of rejection or regret. But, others didn't see it that way. They thought the girl had gone mad and felt that she should not be living alone in her tower. One day she heard a loud BANG! They were coming for her!

The big folks in charge said she was insane, mad, out of control. They believed no one "normal" would make all kinds of art, have let a perfectly good husband throw them out, and end up living alone with cats. They had here moved to a ward of a special hospital. This all made her very sad and filled her with despair.

And, being somewhat human, she did what anyone would do-she started to cry. She had held in this sadness for so long that once she started to cry she found that she could not stop. First her tears just streamed down her face. Then a puddle started to form at her feet. This puddle grew and grew. In no time it had become a small body of water. The staff of the hospital ran quickly away. They had tried to stop the girl from crying but nothing would stop her now. The small body of water grew larger and larger. Before she knew it, the girl had created an ocean. She had created a whole new environment for herself and this made sense-finally something did.

Her legs slowly became tail like a fish. She had become a mermaid! She swam free in an ocean of her own tears. This freedom was such a relief! But, one thing was missing-her dear little cats. This made her very sad. She thought they were lost to her but they weren't. Something small came swimming up to her. She looked closer and she couldn't believe her eyes! Her little cats had fish tails too! They had become mercats! Now that they were all together their lives were complete. Happiness had finally found them. It was not at all what the girl thought it would be, but that is what made it so beautiful and amazing. She was free and she was happy.

This new happiness was not what the girl had imagined which made even more amazing and beautiful. Life was surprising. New and fabulous things could always happen. And, art still surrounded our girl now that she was a mermaid with her mercats. She collected shiny stones, shells and other objects from her sea and made jewelry for merfolk friends and the faeries who would fly to meet her on the rocks and beaches. She also used the water and clay to paint watercolours. Life was new and life was love. Love is true! And that is where the Mermaid came from.

images-found from magazines, my own photos, the movies "The Tudors", "Silence Becomes Her", "The Duchess", "The Bride of Frankenstein"and "Atonement", photographs from Julia Margaret Cameron, photographs from "Trash the Dress", artwork from Waterhouse and Rackman, Mercat and Spynx bead from Green Girl Beads, my own Mermaid Doll


CatHerder said...

Great story Merle...oh i am a HUGE FAN of Green Girl..she is at the top of my list with JesMaHarry

RowanDevoe said...

Thanks Terri! I met the sisters of Green Girl Studios years ago before I even knew who they were at a bead convention. They are so exotic and sweet and there is just amazing. I talked to them for a while and they are so generous-they gave me a few extra beads just because they are so nice!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

How enchanting! thank you for the story!