Monday, February 23, 2009

Esty Sale still going on~

My Esty shop sale will be going on until the 2nd week of March. I hope to have new pieces to add to my shop at that point. I am going to start selling my photographs, dolls and my cat busts(I may try to add a fairy and a cat bust to the sale! Then, I can start on new ones).

Today I was inspired by some really gorgeous fancy papers. I actually got several sheets, new sealing wax and will be looking for some more vintage ribbon so I can start a new series of plaques. Plus, it is time for new beads(shiny! sparkle!) for headpieces and new jewelry. I am teaching my little girl cat Bijou to help me out with this as she loves beads and wire so much. We all have a love for gorgeous fabrics-I like to make things out them and my little cats like to sleep on them! I am loving all kinds of pinks with moss green right now-love these sweet fabric flowers and vintage shoes!

My little herd of black cats(The Littles as I call them) have been telling me some pretty incredible stories of what they have been up to so I must start writing those down.

Here are some images of things that have been inspiring me-fashion always inspires my paintings and my dolls.

I am loving fairy things-toadstools, fairy wings, moss green~ I am also loving so many colours-as I always do-but I am feeling the pinks, aqua, browns, purples and more.

I am loving ancient Greek things-like these gold sandals, and ancient Greek jewelry. Add to all this anything folklore-y plus some vintage lace, feathers, beads, (nice big black boots too of course!) and little cats and animals and you have what is running through my mind-busy place!

Hope all is well with all of you!


KatinkaPinka said...

my dear, your inspirations make me swoooooon! so beauteous!

RowanDeVoe said...

Thank makes me so happy! "Beauteaous" is a fabulous word!
take care,

Heather said...

such prettiness! Lets go shopping!!