Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dolls in My Etsy Shop

You can find my dolls here:

Here are my first two dolls to show up in my Etsy shop. My little faerie "Little Robin's Egg Blue Faerie" is now in the shop. She is buzzing around my studio wondering if she will have a new home. She is 15 inches long(tiny for my dolls) and I even made her a tiny crystal and glass beaded crown.

Joining her is one of my Cat Busts. This is Solstice from Saint Moritz, Switzerland. I beaded his red cross and blue diamond collar with teeny tiny seed beads on my bead loom-whoah-that is something I always forget is so crazy to set up, but so worth it once a piece is finished. I am going to try and add another doll tomorrow as well. So, if you have a chance, check them out!
Take care!


Robin said...

Love these!

Heather said...

very pretty! We're still all pretty sick around here. Ugh, its terrible! Hope you are well :)