Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines and The X-Men

Lately, it seems that all I can do is take photograhs-more self portraits so I can discover this medium more and figure out my camera more and more.

So, I have made a some Valentines from some of my recent self portraits with paper, ribbon, dollies, and wax.

And, I was lucky enough to receive these Valentines and a special print too this week.
First, My printmaking professor sent me this lovely image of one of her new prints called "Marilyn" from her series "Dancing with the Stars". I love this! It is a twirling, whirling vintage slip in red and pink inks-fabulous!

My dear friend Loni sent me this super cute photo of herself with her new horses(what a big job!). How did we meet? She was my Middle School Gym teacher! Ha! We still laugh about it! She is a collector of art and loves photography. We reconnected about 15 years ago. She is hilarious and a true friend. Be nice to your teachers! They may become your friends later on(my printmaking professor included!)!

Today I visited my friend John's gallery to pick up some work from a show that is coming down(I will have some new work in the next one in May-I need to get my act together!). He has been through some tough times lately and so have I. He is renovating the gallery(it is an old house) and we checked the really cool attic. We decided it would be a "Free to Say Anything" Space. So, he said if I told him a story he would trade a print. Luckly, he like my story and I love my new print! It is called "An Awkward Silence at the End" and depicts to little quote bubbles going in a circle. I love it.

Finally, I made some new headpieces for a commission this week and had a visit from my nephews. They are now into the X-Men. They saw the headpieces and immediately thought of Cyclops and his visor so I had to take this hilarious photo! They also gave me the ultimate compliment- They said that I am Jean Grey from the X-Men! Wow! These boys are the best!

Yeah-I look just like her! I can totally see it! Ha! I wish!