Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I need to get all the old art out of my shop and the new in, so I have marked down everything in my Etsy shop
So, if you have a chance check it out. My original paintings are on sale as well as my reproduction plaques. I am hoping that since spring is near I can get new pieces in there soon!


Ederafaerie said...

Hi Merle~
Wow, your paintings are as lovely as your photographs--I especially like the one of the pink shoes. You have a great sense of color. And you make dolls too? Very talented lady :)

I've been to Woodstock--it's about 1.5 drive from where I live--a very picturesque little town--your friend is lucky!

Glad you enjoyed taking a peek around my blog-- I have added your blog to my blog list as well so I can check in on what other inspiring and colorful projects you're working on :)

Take care,

Judy Wise said...

Your work is stunning! I'll be back. xo