Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where the Mermaid Came From-Part the Second

Part the Second~
When we last left off, our misunderstood girl had given up and locked herself away after being convinced that she was not of this world.

Still, she often dreamed of many things.

Like the woods where her friends the animals lived who gave her so much comfort and where her faerie friends whisphered in her ear, played and danced with her.

And the magical creek where she swam and listened the the singing waters...

She also missed her childhood friend who always seemed to understand her and who never failed to make her laugh.

(photos from oldflowers4me)
As they grew up, her friend remained as he had always been. He was real and true and rare. But, he had his own life to live so soon he had to go on his own way and leave as well. She wished him all the best, but her heart filled with more sadness at his absence. She could not believe that anyone would ever truly understand her as he had.

And, because she was somewhat human, she often could not stop thinking about her lost husband. He had a new wife and a new life now. She wondered how that was possible. She often thought about how wonderful their wedding had been and how full of joy she had been at the thought of starting a life with him. Those were truly sweet days. But, now they were over. What was next for her? Could there be some kind of life waiting after all of this?

Next Part the Third...
from the movies "New World", "Ever After", "Gangs of New York", "A Very Long Engagement", "Atonement", "The Last of the Mohicans" and "Brahm Stokers Dracula", illustrations from Angela Barret, paintings from John William Waterhouse, Images from French Vogue, Free People, and Taxi magazines, photos from my dear friend Little Jo, and my own photos


Lola Enchanted said...

What a great story, and the pictures are so dreamy!!!!!~

Hope you have a magical day! I'm off to explore more of your fantastic blog!

oldflowers4me said...

you my darling girl -need to make a it blurb...ithink they do a cooffee table hands on my heart.

RowanDevoe said...

thank you sweet little jo! my photography group has made a blurb book and we are making book 2-it is all about self portraits and making yourself up to look like however you want! ooh, yes, i would like to make a book of little stories and illustrate them with my art and photos-i think we should do it together as i need you and your family in the book-there is so much magic surrounding you! i must finish part 3 of this! the final bit!