Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Story~ Where the Mermaid Came From

Part the First~
From the day she was born, she had remained mysterious and odd. She was just "different".
She often tried to fit in, but it made it her incredibly unhappy so she remained alone and became lost in the things and animals she loved. She loved chasing faeries in the rich woods and swimming in the mysterious creek by her family's house. She also had a love of art, dancing and music.

For many years she even tried to relate to other people, but it was no of no use. She felt more alone and misunderstood than ever. She still was only comforted by making little jewelry for the her faerie friends out of shiny beads and buttons and dreaming of magical lands where she could fly. Having people call her "difficult" and "too complex" was too hard. These words hurt. She was never trying to be anything but herself. She never wanted to hurt anyone.

One day she met a boy she thought was different. He liked that she wore heavy work boots and liked the art she made. He asked her to marry him and she said, "Yes!". They laughed long and often and talked for hours. She got married thinking she had met the one person who loved and understood her for being herself, but this too, like many things in her life, this was not to last. The rejection of "her person" just plunged her heart and soul to a darker and sadder place.

So, she decided to shut herself away from the world and hoped that this would spare her from any more hurt and pain. She was sure that time and the world had abandoned her and that she did not belong anywhere. She believed that she must hide in order to survive this place that had brought her so much pain.

Next-Part the Second...
from the movies "A Very Long Engagement", "The Lady of Shallot"-soon to be a movie, "The Last of the Mochicans", "Atonement", "Elizabeth", "Gangs of New York", "The Brothers Grimm", and my own photos


divaforever said...

This is soooo sad! I hope the ending is happier!

RowanDevoe said...

you will have to wait and see! i can't make any promises! thanks for stopping by!