Friday, January 23, 2009

More Parrish Relics! With super talented Friends!

My friend Jen of Parrish Relics has recently updated her Gallery Page

I am so honoured to be on that page and to own several pieces of her magical jewerly! Jen's jewelry is inspired by Medieval and Gothic art and architecture, stained glass, the patterns of William Morris, the work of the Pre-Raphealites and of all things Fae other-worldly. In essence, all the things that I love!

Through Jen, I have met the lovely Lisa Gill of Arteffex who is not only a talented Graphic Designer(she has designed my website and business cards) but she is also an amazing seamstress. She worked with Jen to create an amazing teal silk shantung medieval style gown for me inspired
by Waterhouse's Miranda from "The Tempest" to make it go with several pieces of Jen's jewelry that I own. Jen's jewelry goes perfectly with this gown. When this dress arrived all wrapped up for me and I finally got through all the layers of tissue, I am sure you could hear my screams of delight all around the world!

Lisa's gown and Jen's jewelry inspired me to get out my camera and take photos which I always loved to do but had not done in such a long time. One photo led to another when I got another one of Jen's gorgeous necklaces. This time, I made myself into my version of Ms. Jane Austen. Thank You Jen! I am having fun now!

Through Jen and Lisa, I met another wonderful friend-the super talented photographer and super sweet Robin. She just got married last October and Lisa made her gorgeous teal silk velvet medieval style gown. Jen made her Fleur De Lis necklace, Tudor Rose earrings and a stunning medieval style belt. I was lucky enough to get to make her glass and crystal beaded headpiece. Robin just took our breath away(as well as her sweet groom's)!

If all that wasn't enough, Jen and Lisa teamed up for Faeriecon 2008 and created outfits inspired by the illustrations of the "Warkwick Goble" and they are just beyond words. Jen worked her magic with crowns and jewelry while Lisa hand made truly amazing gowns for both Jen and she. I still gasp when I see these photos!
check here for more information
Jen in her jewels and gown~
And, Lisa in her jewels and her gown(yes, they are as gorgeous and sweet as they are talented!)

One thing I know for certain is that one relic leads to another and another and another...
Right now I am love with this custom piece Jen made for a special lady-I just love it! It is definitely something to dream on just like all of things in Jen's world!
Custom "Wren" necklace by Jen Parrish


Anonymous said...

Wow! I 'm finally glad I made it over to your site..a most impressive one at that! Your friends are supremely talented. One of the most enviable talents in my opinion is the ability to sew and make gorgeous clothing and costumes. I am taking my first sewing class this week as I'm finally tired of not knowing how to use the sewing machine. I doubt I'll ever get to the level of your friend but her work is inspiring:) I love the jewelry as well..they look great with the costume but I can see them being worn with casual clothing too. Thanks for sharing :)

CatHerder said...

VERY PRETTY!!! >^..^<

Little Lovables said...

Wow, everything is gorgeous! I love the Jane Austen photo you did :)

oldflowers4me said...

my darling this post just made my heart beat so fast...

RowanDevoe said...

Thanks Terri!

So nice to meet you Little Lovables-I will visit your lovely blog and etsy shop again!

My Sweet Little Jo! Calm yourself!
Kiss Kiss!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh I love Parish Relics! I stumbled on her years ago over on LJ, she is one talented creature. Fancy you knowing her- what a small arty world we live in. :D